S.M.D. Stern Podia

Who we are

Since 1985 SMD designs, develops, manufactures and certifies Stern Podia 100% Made in Italy medical devices for the podiatry field: podiatry chairs, podiatry units, grinding machines, thermoforming machines and accessories.

SMD Stern Podia means quality and its concept consists in manufacturing high quality medical devices for the podiatry field that have been designed to meet the highest professional requirements and to take care of the podiatrists’ wellbeing.

Our values

Ergonomics is for Stern Podia much more than a design philosophy.

The operational ergonomic asset of Stern Podia high quality patient chairs, operating units and podiatric laboratory equipment is the key to the wellbeing of the podiatrist.

Stern Podia devices avoid that the podiatrist gets tired while working, reduce the risk of diseases and improve the productivity.

Moreover, thanks to the high quality of the used material, the value of Stern Podia podiatry products remains stable in the market during the years.

Our presence around the world