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Who we are

Spazio Relax spa

We founded Spazio Relax because we wanted to open a business specialised in the production of relax armchairs, massage chairs and lift and rise chairs.
We combined different experiences in the armchair and sofa sector and shared our knowledge to develop products that guarantee physical and mental wellbeing and quality.
Our team stands out for its technology expertise, expert craftsmanship and sense for design and modern forms, a working group committed to recognising innovation and putting it into practice every single day.

Our values

We strive to improve so we can continue to design products distinctive for their precision technologies, refined designs, and their ability to adapt to all settings and satisfy different requirements.


Expert technicians that continuously update and innovate their skills, and skilled craftsmen, with their deep knowledge of the materials and processing techniques, guarantee that our products are created with the utmost dedication and boast the most cutting-edge technology.

Our company is continuously evolving, we know how to capitalise on knowledge and expertise to provide our customer with high quality relax armchairs, massage chairs and lift and rise chairs.


Spazio Relax boasts a working group made up of experts in the creation of products that require both an understanding of modern technologies and manual skills and expertise.
Our team is made of professionals specialised in the armchair and sofa sector that are able to design and assemble armchairs, and of technical experts who have specific skills in the design of sophisticated mechanisms, enabling us to produce relax armchairs, massage chairs and lift and rise chairs.

Our long experience and attention to modern design is a guarantee of the uniqueness and versatility of our chairs, items of furniture that are able to adapt comfortably to different domestic environments.


The mechanisms we have developed have multiple functions, can be positioned in specific areas of the seats, and enable us to assemble relax armchairs, massage chairs and lift and rise chairs with options that allow them to fulfil the needs of every customer.

Mechanisms with one or two motors, autonomous or independent footboard and backrest movements, lift function, rise device that enables people to get up with ease, vibration massage for a pleasant effect distributed across the back, seat and footboard, automatic or motorised movement – these are the possibilities and combinations we have developed: harmonious solutions to satisfy all needs.