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Who we are

Spineway is an independent French company based in Lyon since september 2005.
We are 100% dedicated to design, production and international sales of implants and instruments to surgically treat severe spinal pathologies.

We offer a range of devices and services that meet 90% of daily operating needs 8 lines of gold standard products.
And innovate in the fastest growing segments of spine implants market: MIS techniques, deformity correction, new surgical concepts.

Our values

Inspiration is based on discussion, and innovation on a shared vision.
To improve spine surgical treatments, we collaborate with international KOL surgeons in order to develop significant changes on operating techniques, and improve patient satisfaction.
Our innovative ranges are the result of updated operating techniques and the need to create instruments able to put this technique into practice.

We help to make the daily work of surgeons easier by responding to their needs.
Spineway is there first and foremost to design tools which are an extension of the surgeon’s hands and make it easier for them to operate.