SyncVision Technology

Who we are

Established in 2012, SyncVision Technology Corp, is specializing in medical imaging equipment design, manufacturing and sales.

The team of Syncvision has built up solid experiences in the medical digital imaging field /Endoscopy for many years, we master in the core technology, Demands of Markets and Clinical and Medical regulation and certification. We have GMP certified and comply with the international ISO13485, FDA, CE ... etc certification.

With built-up our own brand" Syncvision", we have designed and launched "iO1"the first digital intraoral camera with flexible camera probe to the dentistry markets. Meanwhile, iO1 intraoral camera has successful marketed to worldwide more than 30 countries, it has also gained affirmation from the “Design for Asia Award" and the "Golden Pin Design Award”. Nearly, the iO1OTO digital otoscope has been introduced into ENT & Veterinary markets.

The idea and goal of SyncVision iO1 series goods is able to quick establish a communication bridge between the physician and patient; according to the iO1, patient could participate in the treatment procedure, it would raise the medical quality, by the medical knowledge transferred and universal, turning the medical treatment from diagnosis into prevention, and then elevate the health of people.

Our values

Through the clinical requirement, whole team has designed the originated digital intraoral camera with flexible camera probe. To raise the diagnosis efficiency and created an immediate communication bridge between physicians and patients.

Instant set up, unnecessary to add software, power or extra monitor.

Flexible camera probe; its diameter is smaller than current one, could bend any angle to observe blind space of oral or difficult cavity and decrease uncomfortable feel from patients.

Directly showing images on the built-in LCD, it improves the diagnosis become more instinct. By this instant image dentist could have an immediate communication with patient.

Enable synchronize with an extra monitor, allows users to transfer images to computer to setup electronic medical history file.

Changeable flexible camera probe could provide proper diagnosis for different clinical requirements.

iO1’s design philosophy starting the simple and concise figures, sketched down the geometric core panel enable physicians to get instinct operation. Aluminum holder made in 45-degree oblique surfaces not only to strengthen the construction, improve the thermal efficiency, it also provide dentists more comfortable handheld experience. The overall design builds up a professional and reliable imagination; it’s really a communication bride between physician and patient.