TaiDoc Technology

Who we are

TaiDoc has been dedicated on manufacturing and marketing premium medical devices toward a healthier living. We focus on providing comprehensive solutions that cover In Vitro Diagnostics, Medical Device and Telehealth.

Moreover, TaiDoc is open for collaboration with various partners, such as ilvi GmbH company and ZAFENA company.

We are one of the top healthcare products manufacturers and project itself as a world-class healthcare solution provider.

● Leading Medical Device Manufacturers in Taiwan

● More than 2 decades of professional experience

● Dedicate on B2B Marketing

● ODM/OEM capability

● Quality system Certificates: ISO9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 and GMP

Our values

● Strong Research & Development team which occupies ~15% of total employees

● Focus on 4 core technologies- Medical Electronic, Biochemistry, Photometry and Software Programming.

● Comprehensive Capability on providing regulatory professionals, clinical suggestions, engineering resources and certified manufacturing system.