Techno Medica

Who we are

"We serve people in the world by developing innovative products and creating markets being inspired by small piece of cue in our life."

We have expanded our business in clinical laboratory, especially, having had large share in test tube preparation system market as a leading manufacturer. We have also provided products and services with high intelligence and value since founded in 1987.

Our products including test tube preparation system are few- chance-to-see in daily life, however, closely related to people’s life by providing support to medical personnel when blood is collected in hospital.

Everyone in our company work together and continue to make contribution to people’s healthy life by providing services with the needs of customers and times.

Our values

We will contribute to society by providing unique products and services full of originality in the fields of health and medical care.

1. Automated tube selecting and labeling system, and blood gas equipment meet customer expectations by improving reliability and quality and providing valuable services.

2. We aim to create new businesses by developing new products.

3. We will continue to aim to be a company that contributes not only to Japan but also to the world by making use of our technological capabilities.

Our presence around the world