Tecnosoft SRL

Who we are

Tecnosoft was founded in 1989 as a research and development company for data acquisition systems for third party companies: From the initial requirements of the Customers the specifics for the new system are written; the systems are usually made up by an electronic part with firmware and a management software.

Customers were from different fields and activities, from geotechnic to knitting, from medical to industrial. In all these years Tecnosoft has developed important skills in understanding the
Customer’s requirements and transfer them into the project’s specifics and the development of the system, keeping itself up to date on new available technologies providing always advanced

Since 2002 a new line Tecnosoft branded of monitoring devices has been created: it is a series of monitoring solutions of different parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure etc.

Fields of applications are many too: from pharmaceutical to food & beverages, from energetic to laboratories, from environment to medical.

Tecnosoft does not develop the device only but provides a whole complete solution that includes software dedicated to specific applications and to the different fields, that will answer to all different requirements of the regulations and of the users for an easy and user friendly system.


Since 2002 Tecnosoft has implemented a certified quality system based on the ISO 9001:2000 and now on the ISO 9001:2015, through the 9001:2008.

Quality system procedures grants that software development follows precise standards and steps so that it can be kept under control and improved constantly, thanks also to the suggestions from the many users.

Our values


Tecnosoft rests its foundations on the creativity of the people it is made of. Collaboration, internal and external communication, the sharing of ideas are all fundamental and impostant values, all pursuing the achievement of the objectives set, always maintaining an ethics of correctness and honesty.

The focal points of the activity are Sales, Marketing, Product and Customer Experience.

We interface directly with end users and we have important collaborations with many partners for the distribution of our solutions. The Marketing Strategy is directly focused on the Customer and the Business Sector, with a constant development of multimedia and multi-platform content.

Our goal is that the customer, whoever he/she is, from those who use our standard systems to those who entrust us with a new project, live a unique experience from the first contacts to the final delivery and after-sales activities.