Tema Sinergie

Who we are

Tema Sinergie is a dynamic and innovative company which designs, produces and sells solutions and systems suitable for hospitals, research institutes, universities and industries working in the field of ionizing radiation control.

During the last twenty-five years, Tema Sinergie has improved the design and production of complete systems for Radiopharmaceuticals handling, reaching the highest GMP standards and Radioprotection levels and improving the work quality of the professional people employed in Nuclear Medicine.

The company has taken advantage of this experience to develop a dedicated brand of customized barrier isolator systems for aseptic and containment processes suitable for chemical and pharmaceutical applications.

Tema Sinergie takes advantage of a remarkably experienced staff gathering technical sales engineers, designers, technicians, fitters, and it keeps improving its manufacturing methods and designs to meet the customers’ expectations.

Our values

Tema Sinergie is a company made up of people, its staff being remarkably valued through targeted training, support and mutual trust. Tema Sinergie has been investing in the best equipments and the most advanced technologies to fulfill the needs for a safer, more comfortable and extremely fruitful working environment. A place where each and everyone is encouraged to give their best.

We develop the most advanced clinic and technologic solutions and provide a high profile post-sale assistance and technical support as well.

We favour and support the market growth through new ideas anticipating and fulfilling our customers' demands.

We commit ourselves to solving any social and ethic issue turning up within our activity field.

This is Tema Sinergie, this is what we do everyday.