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As early as 1978 the late Mr. Emilio Toselli started his research for developping an environmentally friendly and silent electric drive for motorvehicles. This resulted in an electric moped which had an autonomy of 85 km and a maximum speed of 32 km/h. Unfortunately, at this time topics such as air pollution and noise protection were not yet taken seriously by a large public, so the electric moped was ahead of its time.

Upon personal request of a handicapped person Mr. Toselli started his research to adapt this transportation device for the demands of transportation of people. Having collected extensive information on the requirements, he started developping the means for leading handicapped people out of their isolation, this being the explicit wish of the original potential user.

The first Stair climber with wheels

Thus in 1983 the first series of the stair climber Scoiattolo was being produced, Scoiattolo being the first electric stair climber with wheels and electric drive that was able to transport disabled persons out of their homes without the help of an elevator. Exuberant response from persons concerned proofed to Mr. Toselli that he was heading in the right direction. Soon the restless inventor had a new goal: he wished to render handicapped people completely autonomous, without the neccessity of help from other persons. Years of diligent resarch resulted in the product Explorer in 1991, a patented, world wide unique product, being a combination of wheel chair and stair climber which could be used independently without requiring help.

Stair climber with tracks Jolly

In 1994 the stair climber Jolly went into production, a small stair climber with electric drive which transports passenger and wheelchair combined over stairs and architectural barriers. This device soon became TGR’s bestselling product, since it can carry most customary wheelchair models.

Mr. Toselli now put his efforts to the idea of rendering live at home as comfortable as possible to handicapped people. He designed a flexible, agile rolling chair for interior use at home or at work, the model Suprema. This rolling chair with elevating seat helps in many standard situations at home and at work, even facilitating the access to small rooms and sanitary devices without the help of other persons.

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The operational environment such as staircase, landings, etc. will be evaluated for its suitability. The operating person will be given the possibility to handle and test the product.

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