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Who we are

Dear veterinarians and groomers, professional dog breeders and pets owners!

We are the first in Ukraine who had begun the production of professional equipment for grooming and veterinary with European quality.

In 2012, it was designed and created two versions of the Grooming tables APPOLON and bath ATLANTIS, presented in the exhibition "Crystal Cup of Ukraine - 2012".

Over time, they (APPOLON & ATLANTIS) were highly appreciated by professional groomers and are popular to this day.

A serious work on the development and manufacture of manipulation and surgical tables for veterinary was done in December 2014.
In July 2015, we modified the surgical tables HERCULES and presented the most unique tables HERCULES-FORCE and HERCULES EXTRA FORCE, which have become indispensable assistants in surgeries of vet clinics of Ukraine, as well as of Russia, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Our values

We are constantly working and developing. In this catalog you will find our new products of 2016. But we're not going to rest on our laurels and we are confident that we will please you with our new products constantly.

Your comfort is our credo!

You care about the health and beauty of our pets. And TM TIGERS takes care of your health and comfort during the process.

Yours truly, Owner of TM TIGERS Victor Yaroshinskiy