Who we are

We took care about people first. Conscious of respect for society and environment, on the basis of our principles of sustainable development;
From production to marketing activities, from human resources to logistics, we have adopted the principle of working for health tomorrow.
Within the framework of our sustainable growth and quality approach, when we plan to adapt to today’s future with its economic, environmental and social dimensions, all we think is a healthy society, a healthy world.


We Blended Experience with Technology

We combine our medical experience with the most innovative approaches and touch human life with health. We continuously improve our technology and safe products by considering the high satisfaction of patients and healthcare workers.

We Have Gathered All Your Needs With Our Wide Range of Products

By closely following global technological developments, we offer you our wide range of high quality and economic products with our qualified and expert dealer sales network. We analyze all the needs of the medical sector and offer fast and reliable solutions.

We Left Every Stage of Production To Experts

While providing a wide range of products and medical solutions that the healthcare sector needs, we have completely left the production stage to the experts. We produce high quality products in our high technology production centers in Ankara in accordance with international production standards.

We Are On Your Side With Our After-Sales Services

We provide care and meticulousness in production in our after-sales services. Our philosophy of existence is sustainable quality and happy customers. We offer fast and accurate solutions with our expert teams in the smallest problem you have experienced.

Our values

Our Vision

To become a leadingglobal brand in the healthcare industry with TISCOMED product quality and sustainable success profile.

Our Mission

Bringing the right solutions to the needs of the medical sector with the latest technology and high quality equipment.

Our Ethical Values

Since our establishment, we have been conducting our “Honest and Reliable Trade” policy without compromising. In order to ensure that our quality production and flawless customer relationship management policies are implemented by our employees with the same sensitivity, we follow the field practices of our company ethics at every stage from our oldest employee to our newest employee.