Who we are

Toda Pharma - Pharmaceutical laboratory specializing in rapid diagnostic tests.

Toda Pharma is a pharmaceutical laboratory specializing in the manufacture of rapid diagnostic tests since 2007. A large number of health establishments (CHU, Clinics, EHPAD, etc.) trust us for the diagnosis of their patients for many pathologies.

Based in Strasbourg in Alsace, we deliver our products throughout France. Toda Pharma is also present on the international scene, particularly in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South America.

Toda Pharma works daily to provide healthcare professionals and businesses with ever more reliable and practical rapid diagnostic tools. Our expertise allows us in particular to meet the needs of professionals in many fields.

ISO 13485 certified for the conformity of our quality management system, all of our devices are CE marked and are subject to strict quality controls to ensure optimal performance and real accuracy of results.

Our values

Proximity : Proximity is a fundamentalelement in building long-term relationships. Toda Pharma does not hesitate to implement the means to gain your trust and establish a partnership in the long term.

Listening : Everyone's needs are different and particular, they require separate attention. Toda Pharma strives to understand yourneeds and offer you adapted solutions.

Reactivity : The needs of healthcare professionalsare often very urgent, which is why Toda Pharma strives to respond quickly and efficiently to its partners and customers.