Transact International

Who we are

Transact International is a company of over 25 years experience in the manufacture and sale of Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments & Laryngoscope Internationally. Our business is 100% comprised of medical device manufacturing. In a very short span of time, the Company succeeded to expand & satisfy its customer’s network in European markets.

The continued confidence envisaged by our customers has pushed us to extend our existing production facilities to meet their future requirements. The company has recently managed to build a new state-of-the-art production facility fully equipped with the modern production equipments. This has made almost double the production capacity of the company and ensures that increasing demands are being met. With this enormous increase in the production capacity, the Company has entered in a new era to serve increasing demand of its customers.

The manpower associated with the company has now been exceeded 1,000 and it is on increase continuously with the passage of time.

Quality and ultimate customer satisfaction has got the greatest concern in the company. Sticking with the highest level of quality and unmatched services headed the company from a relatively small set up to quite moderate set up in a very short period.

The Quality Management System of the Company is according to ISO 9001:2008 standard.

LOCATION: Transact International is located in Small Industry Estate which is hub of industry zone in Sialkot. Sialkot is renowned all over the world for its manufacturing trade of healthcare instruments and sport goods so this gives us the opportunity to take advantage of the area's best manufacturing techniques for healthcare instruments.

Our values

Product Range: Transact International have ability to manufacture Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments & Laryngoscope

Product Innovation: Besides hundreds innovative catalogue designs of Medical and Healthcare instruments, the company has so far produced hundreds of customized instruments as per requirements of the customers. Further the company continues to develop new products keeping in view the requirements and trends of the market.

The instruments manufactured by the company are not only alluring and eye-catching but the company ensures that functional performance of each instruments.

Equal Opportunity Employer: Transact International is equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of religion, sect, race, sex or ethnicity. All recruitment is made strictly on merit that is determined on the basis of capability and capacity to perform tasks required by a particular job. Therefore the company has recruited diverse workforce and by successfully managing the diversity, the company enjoys positive synergy. Besides recruitment, Transact International provides equal opportunities of growth and advancement in the company.

Human Resource Development: Transact International believes that our people are our most valuable asset. Entire organization is provided professional support to ensure that business goals are realized through the craftsmanship of the people whose own personal aspirations are also met.

We try to ensure that highly motivated and professionally competent people are available within the organization. By adopting progressive personnel policies and providing competitive emoluments and perquisites, we try to maintain Transact’s position as a preferred employer in the job market.

Training and Development of workers is considered to be a core value at Transact. This is an essential responsibility of every Manager. The Company has designated competent professionals who remains assessing the training needs.

Work Place Practices: The company provides congenial work environment to its employees. The company maintain employee-friendly atmosphere. Self respect and self esteem of the employees is looked after.

Management of the company always encourages feedback and suggestions from all departments and at each level. Constructive suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. The company believes that free interaction and direct communication will help management to understand production and personnel problems in a better way.

The company complies with the rules and regulations promulgated by the government in respect of working hours, holidays, lunch break, compensation and social benefits. If labour is assigned work in excess of normal working hours, they are rewarded with justified over time as per the provisions of the law.

The company contributes to Old AGE Benefit Intuition for its labour to provide them social security in old age.

Compliance with Law: The company fully comply all legal requirements and its compliance is verified by Statutory Auditors.

Child Labour Elimination Programme: Transact’s Instruments strongly realize that Child labour is a social menace. It has been confronting states and societies in under-developed and developing parts of the world. Being, responsible corporate citizen, Transact believes, this social evil must be discouraged and eliminated from the society. Transact has been fighting against this social evil since its creation.

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