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Tre T Medical Group

Who we are


Born from the ten-year experience gained in the design and development of electromedical equipment with particular attention to the VIDEODERMATOSCOPY sector.

Always in the forefront and with an eye to the future, the company has the primary objective of providing the most technologically advanced products in the sector, guaranteeing the specialist the necessary tools in terms of reliability, safety and quality for carrying out his profession.

For this reason the TRE T MEDICAL GROUP , over the years, has become a real point of reference for those who intend to develop their business professionally and qualitatively.

Therefore, it proposes itself as an ideal partner following the specialist in the entirety of the performance of his profession, from the purchase of any medical device to the more complex planning and realization of the entire medical office and/or surgical sector.

Our values


Our commitment to providing the highest quality products also includes an exceptional level of service. The reliability of our consultancy and the simplicity of the procedures are the characteristics most appreciated by customers from all over the world.


Tre T Medical Group ensures all professionals training and teaching to support their outpatient activities. These courses are designed to satisfy the cultural and operational need for new conceptual and practical skills.


For a valid support to the correct functioning of the software and for an immediate solution of the technical problems, the assistance is carried out by highly specialized personnel, with an almost immediate resolution of the problems.