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The company’s roots can be traced back to 1886, when it was established in Thuringia, Germany. From the start we have developed into a leading supplier of sophisticated research instrumentation in the global life science market. Our focus is on providing the total customer solution, with modular designs of integrated hardware and software platforms for neuroscience, phenotyping, drug screening and toxicology. It is our corporate goal to be recognized as the number one manufacturer of highly sophisticated products in each market we serve.

TSE Systems GmbH leadership is exemplified by being a pioneer in processing of the first Electroencephalogram (EEG) Telemetry System, and in the “Measurement of Breathing Parameters System” for bronchial research. TSE Systems also provided one of the first fully automated activity measuring systems for rats and a complete line of Automated Behavioral Paradigms.

As TSE Systems GmbH became a market leader in Europe with a global networking reach, North American researchers and Pharmaceutical companies would contact TSE Systems in Germany to avail themselves of our technology and capabilities. As the requests for equipment and support in North America increased, TSE Systems GmbH realized they could not provide the level of customer and technical support that has been the hallmark of the company for over 100 years from Germany.

Therefore, in 1999 the company established a distribution network in North America to increase market awareness for our products and to support current customer needs. As TSE Systems innovative technology became increasingly accepted, TSE Systems GmbH realized to become the market leader in the segments they serve they needed to make a full commitment to the North American market and in 2004 TSE Systems GmbH established a separate US Corporation: “TSE Systems, Inc.” in Midland, Michigan.

Since the establishment of TSE Systems, Inc. the business has experienced increasing double-digit growth each year in support of meeting our goal of being the number one manufacturer in each market we serve.

Our values

Based on this growth and the continued expansion of the North American customer business TSE Systems, Inc. relocated the business in June 2008 to Chesterfield to support the growing demands in North America. In this same time period TSE Systems GmbH became a major participant in two EU funded projects called RATstream™ and PhenoScale Project.

Nowadays, TSE Systems, Inc. is an independent company from the European TSE Systems GmbH.

Today, both enterprises work very collaboratively with each other to develop and manufacture high quality products to German engineering design and quality standards.

This website is designed to introduce you to our group as well as to present you with our wide range of highly sophisticated instrumentation. We look forward to discussing with you your precise product needs. Whatever you are looking for we are pleased to offer you the right solution.

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