Who we are

At TSI, we strive to accelerate the actualization of our customers’ goals by empowering an unprecedented level of understanding. This is why we do not just observe and react to measurement trends. We set them. For more than half a century, we have investigated, identified, and provided performance measurement solutions by taking on difficult problems and providing the tools needed to overcome such challenges.

We have partnered with research institutions worldwide to develop over 200 precision instruments. This cooperation has resulted in more than 25 technology licenses and 50 patents spanning scientific to industrial manufacturing applications.

Our more than 500 employees generate value-added and field-tested solutions that simplify measurement processes without sacrificing precision, accuracy, or reliability.

Global customers trust TSI to produce the most advanced precision measurement instruments in the industry. For this reason, we emphasize accuracy at every level, from particle size to speed, shape to composition. Our customers can be confident in the accuracy of their results.

Our values

When you partner with TSI, you trust the global authority on performance measurement and precision instruments. Our experts set industry standards, and we lead the field in innovation. TSI collaborates with leading worldwide institutions to develop and manufacture the highest quality instruments used for aerosol sciences, air flow measurement, indoor air quality, health and safety, fluid dynamics and biohazard detection.

Experience. With 50 years of experience in the field, we have earned a reputation as an industry leader.

Industry Expertise. We employ more than 500 motivated and skilled individuals with a broad range of industry expertise, from indoor air quality control to aerosol research.

Innovation. Our experts work hand-in-hand with the scientific community to develop and produce technically sophisticated instruments that meet evolving measurement needs.

Dedication. We are fully committed to setting the industry standard for precision instruments.

Reliability. Our instruments, including Airflow and Alnor brands, are recognized worldwide for accurate, consistent results. We field-test each of our designs to ensure extreme precision.

Customer Service. TSI stations staff members across the globe, and we are always prepared to assist you with questions, product services and instrument calibration.

Our presence around the world