ULF Systems

Who we are

The company ULF Systems offers more than an intelligent solution. With its innovative products, it is one of the leading manufacturers of medical technology solutions.

Our customers are clinics, hospitals, doctor practices, medical care centers, integrated care centers, care facilities, physicians as well as medical technology retail partners.

We offer IV Stands with IV Pole Accessories, Mobile Drip Stands, Hygiene Center, Hygiene Tower, Endoscope Storage, Disinfectant Dispenser, OP-hoods and mask dispenser, Glove Dispenser, Katheterbox, OP Room and Intensive Care Systems.

Our values

Seeing, observing, visually registering intuitive applications or recognizing connections in detail. Gaining new ideas by observing. In development and manufacturing, observing processes closely in advance is one of the ingredients of success.

Customer orientation
We listen carefully to our customers. Our findings and further developments are based on a large number of their practical experiences. Many suggestions result from customer dialog. Taking customers seriously means listening carefully to their experiences.

Breaking new ground - leaving well-trodden paths behind. Innovation is one of the skills of our employees. An innovation is not only characterized by creativity and design. We develop various innovative solutions according to current needs.

Quick answers, quick reaction to changing situations. Answers about cost-benefit ratio, process optimization, answers about possible risks. Fast-moving times require that our customers receive a quick response to a question or a technical solution.

Customer wishes, requirements or structures are subject to permanent change. Being able to change one's own structures, to adapt to dynamic markets, is a significant key. Setting breakpoints, redefining product areas and developments.

Our goal is to create products for our customers that optimally meet the ergonomic requirements of handling. Like the fastening clamp we developed and designed. Physically, it is one of the fastest ways to attach products to a round tube within seconds.