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ULTRADENT Dental-Medizinische Geräte GmbH & Co. KG

Who we are


Why not take a few minutes to learn about a dental manufacturing company
that can only be discussed in superlatives! We'd love to help you discover theULTRADENT world.

As the only German dental manufacturing company that has remained in family hands since its founding in 1924, ULTRADENT continues to have an unmistakable profile.
We offer highly efficient treatment units for dentists, pediatric dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, prophylaxis practices and dentistry departments in clinics and universities. Because we manufacture everything ourselves, we can fulfill even themost individual needs of our customers with the highest quality.

The name ULTRADENT stands for innovative compact workplaces combined with the most modern spectrum of appliances. But above all, our name symbolizes a long tradition of success: currently, some 20,000 ULTRADENT treatment units are used today in German dental practices. Annually, this figure increases by several hundred more. Would you also like to profit as a result of providing your patients with the greatest possible comfort? We would be delighted to manufacture dental equipment for your practice that perfectly suits your needs.


When Hans Ostner founded ULTRADENT in Munich in 1924, he established values that have remained binding for us until today: combining tradition and experience with dynamic inventive genius to continually raise technological achievements to new heights. Now as in the past, this is our motto. But that's not all. Continuity, stability and values are aspects we dedicate special attention to – at all business levels. This is why ULTRADENT continues to develop and manufacture in Munich. And we have remained a medium-sized enterprise that believes in the advantages of company-controlled manufacturing.

With Ludwig Ostner, the founder's nephew, as well as his son Ludwig Johann Ostner, ULTRADENT is led by two generations of General Managers who merge the best of craftsmanship with cutting-age technology.

Our values


Are you asking yourself what our particular strengths are? Easy! The implicit clarity with which we guarantee you outstanding quality – from materials to design to the smallest technical detail. Not only is every one of our treatment units manufactured completely in Munich and based on TÜV SÜD recognized certification (EN ISO 13485 medical products quality management system), in addition, all parts come from Germany as well, and are preferably purchased from partners in the Munich region.

ULTRADENT's over 4,000 sqm manufacturing facility, comprehensive manufacturing concept and German craftsmanship enable us to offer you the highest degree of flexibility. We react quickly, flexibly and with customized solutions for all your special needs and requirements. Satisfying specific treatment demands and personal wishes are the yardstick against which we always orient ourselves.

Our products stand for reliability and durability. They fulfill all standards and regulations in the medical products law.