Vacu Activ

Who we are

World leading manufacturer of innovative fitness, spa, infrared, weight loss and cryotherapy devices. We are a number 1 and a largest factory in the world in this industry. 

We are on world market since 2003 and our team helped to install a many successful projects around the world. We producing a huge range of equipment for gyms, weight loss centers, cryotherapy studios and wellness facilities. 

We have been awarded many times for innovative solutions and top quality of our devices. Our machines have CE and B Certificates and also our company has ISO 9001. We are developing our devices all around the world and we are open for new cooperation.

We are strongly invloved into developing innovative technology, equipment and solutions for cryogenic applications. We have created the science of using low temperature gases to deliver healing, preserving and longevity benefits to the human body and its surrounding habitat. In our offer you will find modern devices for whole body cryotherapy, partial cryotherapy and localized cryotherapy. We focuses on delivering cryotherapy innovative solutions and other customized installations allowing you to thrive in healthcare, sports and beauty industry.

Our values

- Team & people 
- Innovative thinking & ideas
- Future technology
- Modern solutions for athletes
- Health improve
- Passion
- Customer Experience
- Constant Improvement
- Teamwork
- Innovation
- Quality