VELA Medical

Who we are

About VELA Medical
VELA is headquartered in Aalborg and has its own development department, production facilities and an upholstery workshop.

Over the years, VELA Medical has become specialised in developing chairs and stools tailored to the specific needs of healthcare departments, patients and medical personnel alike.

All chairs comply with the strict requirements of the healthcare sector, and therefore VELA Medical products can be found in hospitals, specialist doctors, general practitioners, health clinics and laboratories.

Chairs with care and precision
At VELA Medical, we focus on optimising safety, functionality and ergonomics in collaboration with healthcare professionals. We know that chairs are exposed to severe wear and tear for many hours a day, so we use sturdy mechanical parts and extra durable surface materials to keep our chairs clean and functional for many years to come. Down to the smallest stitch, all chairs are designed to support the stringent hygiene and disinfecting criteria in the healthcare sector.

All chairs are CE marked and produced in Aalborg, so we can offer the fastest delivery time in the market.

VELA Medical is part of VELA / Vermund Larsen / VELA Chairs

Our values

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