VELP Scientifica

Who we are

Established in 1983 by Ermete Passoni, VELP Scientifica is today one of the world’s leading manufacturers of analytical instruments and laboratory equipment that has made an impact on the worldwide market with Italian products renowned for innovation, design, and premium connectivity.

VELP is a family-owned company in its second generation of leadership and is recognized globally as a premium supplier of high-quality elemental analyzers, Kjeldahl analyzers, solvent extractors, fiber extractors, oxidation stability reactors, stirring and mixing equipment, respirometric test, BOD, and COD.

We owe our success to a rich patrimony of ideas, conspicuous investments in R&D, and technological development aimed at maximizing productivity and product connectivity and reducing the time-to-market.

VELP is a pioneer of smart lab technology. Our analytical instruments and laboratory equipment are accelerating scientific work every day giving scientists the possibility to monitor and control VELP technology from a virtual dashboard accessible from any device, everywhere, and any time!

We are an international company with a strong Italian heart. All our products are designed and manufactured in Italy in our factory in Usmate.

VELP is today a global company with an expanding local focus. Our internationalization process has led us to open local subsidiaries that provide service to our customers in different parts of the world:

- VELP Scientific, Inc. in Long Island (USA) offering sales and technical support for the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

- VELP China Co. LTD in Shanghai guarantees a local presence in China through commercial and technical support.

VELP has always generated value for its customers through close cooperation with its qualified distribution network which today counts more than 300 distributors in 130 countries.

Our values

Dynamism, innovation, attention to detail, sustainability, and an infinite passion: are the fundamental values that identify VELP.
The ability to be original, the combination of ideas and creativity, enthusiasm and concreteness, all define our spirit.
Our vitality leads us to identify and develop day by day new solutions tailored to the needs and requirements of our customers and the world of the laboratory.
By broadening our expertise and know-how and conducting intensive research, we are able to develop exciting new ideas and innovative, high-performance products.

Our people are our most important asset. The valorization of our intellectual capital, the constant improvement of our know-how, the high intensity of our research leads us to develop new and surprising ideas and innovative products with top performance.
The attention to detail distinguishes our philosophy and our way of conceiving our daily commitment and is the basis of the standards of excellence achieved by our people and our company.

The customer at the center of our vision represents a fundamental credo of our management and a further distinctive element at the basis of the VELP philosophy. The strengthening of a solid relationship with the Customer who shares our spirit is an indispensable element in the process of sharing a common path and that has led us to have achieved numerous successes in recent years. The proverbial Italian creativity plays a dominant role in the design and development of the product and in our relations with customers. In VELP the pursuit of innovative design, accurate style, and unique connectivity solutions are combined in full harmony with the needs of practicality and functionality.

Last but not least, an infinite passion that guides us in facing daily challenges together with the enthusiasm of a dynamic and brilliant team. These values complete the VELP universe that we invite you to explore. A world that is constantly evolving but that keeps within itself the guarantee of our commitment to go "beyond", in the continuous search for new paths, in achieving increasingly ambitious goals.