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Who we are

Building radiation protected centers of excellence.

Faster. Better. 100% Veritas.

At Veritas, our primary goal is getting you into a state-of-the-art therapy center as quickly as possible—without having to coordinate a multitude of service providers. We do it faster because we rely on a system of pre-engineered components ranging from walls and room shells to complete pre-manufactured oncology centers. We do it better because we’ve developed the world’s most advanced shielding materials, entry systems, and construction methods. Whether you need to upgrade, expand, or build from the ground up, Veritas can handle every aspect of design, engineering, testing, and assembly—in a fraction of the time needed with traditional construction methods.

Advancing the science of radiation shielding.

Established in 2008, Veritas was founded on one simple truth: there was a better way to build radiation shielding solutions. In our exploration of that truth, we engineered the industry’s most effective shielding system, VeriShield dry stacked shielding modules. From there, we developed the world’s fastest shielded doors. Therapy room interiors followed, giving customers a start-to-finish Veritas room solution. Today, Veritas offers complete pre-manufactured radiotherapy facilities based on an unparalleled system of physics, engineering, installation, and project management. Whether you need a single pre-engineered room, full oncology center, pre-certified radiotherapy center, or a comprehensive medical campus, Veritas offers your quickest, most cost-effective solution with a 100% shielding guarantee.

The world’s fastest-growing radiation shielding company, Veritas maintains an ongoing product and service development program designed to continually take our shielding elements a step further.

A relentless commitment to innovation is what allowed us to create today’s most effective radiation shielding systems. Never stepping away from this focus is what will enable us to push our solutions to levels not yet explored.

Our values

Veritas Medical Solutions, LLC

Veritas, Latin for “Truth” – our name sets before us the guiding principle and mission for our company. We will not be satisfied with mediocrity. Our road to success will not be measured merely by financial goals, but rather by the relationships that we build, and the lives we can impact for the better. To achieve this mission we seek always to do the will of the Lord and trust in His providence. Bringing real value to our customers, opportunity to our employees, aid to the communities we serve, strong relationships with our business partners and respect for our competitors will be the hallmark of our success. Veritas provides a single source solution for high quality shielding materials and designs for cancer treatment centers world-wide.

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