Who we are

Vertigo is innovative in each stage of the product development. Experts engineers in the hi-tech field apply the most modern technologies to the customer needs.

At every stage during the development of Vertigo, we researched the best technological solutions to allow us to construct biomechanically perfect devices.

We are a tight-knit team with high-level skills. The harmony that unites us, makes the set of ideas take shape in innovative and competitive products on the domestic and European markets.

The strengths of Vertigo is the attention to products and customer satisfaction. Our mission is to design and implement cutting-edge devices for neuromotor rehabilitation.

Vertigo products are created to adapt to any type of the subject need, from functional rehab to high level sport training.

Our values

We're fully aware that our products should improve people and their bodies at every stage of life: from athletes competing in sports at the very highest levels, to people who need to rehabilitate mobility they have lost.

Passion is our added value. Every Vertigo product is unique and inimitable because it is manufactured in Italy using the best metal processing machinery in the world.

Each stage of production, from design to delivery, is carried out with high quality standards while maintaining constant contact with customers, meeting their specific needs.

All this is Vertigo. Our philosophy allows us to design constantly new machines for functional training and neuromotor balance with the highest technical and scientific levels.