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ViewRay®, Inc. (NASDAQ:VRAY), designs, manufactures, and markets the MRIdian® radiation therapy system to address the key limitations of existing external-beam radiation therapy technologies. MRIdian employs MRI-based technology to provide real-time imaging that clearly defines the targeted tumor from the surrounding soft tissue and other critical organs during radiation treatment. MRIdian allows physicians to record the level of radiation exposure that the tumor has received and adapt the prescription as needed. ViewRay believes this combination of enhanced visualization, on-line adapting and accurate dose recording will significantly improve the safety and efficacy of radiation therapy, leading to better outcomes for patients. 

ViewRay holds the exclusive worldwide license for its combination of MRI and radiation therapy technologies. MRI-guided radiation therapy was conceived by company founder James F. Dempsey, PhD, while he was a member of the radiation oncology faculty at the University of Florida in 2004. University of Florida leaders encouraged Dempsey to bring his invention to the marketplace, where it could potentially benefit cancer patients, and ViewRay was formed.

In 2011, landmark patents were issued for ViewRay’s core technology in both the United States and Europe. Broadly covering both the medical instrument and the method of implementation, the patents acknowledge the unique combination of simultaneous MRI and radioisotope irradiation. 

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