Who we are

► Villard Medical - Designer & Manufacturer of Hospital Furniture, since 1947.

Expert in mobile and modular development, Villard is one of France's leading company in the design, manufacture and distribution of medical equipment and furniture for health care facilities.

Taking care of caregivers for over 70 years, Villard has continued to develop and adapt in order to reflect changes in hospitals and clinics, to improve the working conditions of caregivers and adopt any new requirements in the field of prevention and hygiene in healthcare setting.

Villard espouses reliable and sustainable "French manufacturing", recognised by more than 10,000 health care facilities worldwide.

• Since 1947: over 70 years working alongside caregivers

• A production site of 7,000m² based to the north of Le Mans

• 28,000 trolleys and cabinets produced per year

• 355 tonnes of sheet steel and 60,000 metres of tubing processed per year

• 5,000 commercial models available

• It operates in more than 65 countries around the world

► A comprehensive offer serving the hospital:

• Treatment furniture & Service equipment

• Hospital logistics & Pharmacy

• Sterilization - Operating theater - Intensive Care Units (ICU)

• Linen & Waste management

• Hospital Prevention & Hygiene

• Examination & Consultation equipment

Our values

► More than Made in France, select Made in Villard

Villard has based its values on the quality requirement: the sustainability of our products is the first step towards of cost savings! It's by designing top quality equipments, outclassing usual industry standards, that Villard guarantees the long-term durability of our products.

• Villard guarantees its products 100% Made in France

• All products manufactured in our factory are guaranteed for 10 years against any manufacturing defect

• Quality controlled & certified ISO 9001 for all of the company's departments (design, production & marketing)

• French manufacture sustainable & responsible, certified ISO 14001