Who we are

The demand for face masks increased rapidly in 2020 and the entire world population needed to respond urgently. Immediately after we realised how urgent the face masks were, we committed to doing our part to help contain the pandemic. So we developed the supply chain for manufacturing equipment against the pandemic. We are proud and pleased to be part of a system that provides such an important resource in today's world. Our rapid response instigates positive change in the health of others, and who doesn't like to make a positive change?

Behind our solid foundations is an exceptional workforce and a fast production line. In doing so, we have established a process to provide added value to our customers. By following strict European processing standards and thanks to the high quality material, we are able to deliver products of the highest quality and maximum convenience.

While manufacturing different types of face masks, we focus on the general public, as well as medical professionals. Disposable face masks may not quite meet the requirements needed by our medical heroes who fight on the frontline every day. However, they are functional and comfortable for everyday use. Medical and FFP face masks, on the other hand, undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can be used in healthcare and clinical environments.

To ensure that we satisfy all our customers' needs, we have employed the following:

- The latest technology

- A highly qualified staff    

- DIN EN 14683 / EN 149:2001+A1:2009 standards

- ISO 13485 quality management system as well as the ISO-8 clean room

- Independent testing and certification

- Efficiency against bacteria, virus and particle filtration

- Many other features that may be relevant for reliable protection and high comfort

- Our face masks are flame retardant and belong to class 1 of the flammability table 

Our values

Every day, a group of professionals monitors the production process, with the finished masks undergoing a series of strength and protection tests against biological and infectious agents.

To ensure microbiological purity, production takes place in an ISO 8 clean room with enhanced hygiene standards in accordance with EN 13485:2016 and EN 14683:2019.

Our goal is to provide your companies and businesses with products that are made from the highest quality materials and offer the highest level of protection to users.