XNY Medical Technology

Who we are

Established in 1985, XNY Medical Co, Ltd is the first company in China to manufacture advanced internal mechanical staplers and trocars. Located in Changzhou, we have a rich innovative medical device business history spanning over 30 years, 25 years expertise in surgical stapling.

Our R&D focuses on meeting the high clinical requirements of surgeons and the demands of hospital budgets, making XNY a natural choice for all healthcare institutions worldwide.

Our values

Adhering to a quality policy of elaborate design, dedicated manufacturing, operation with sincerity and assured use, the company has obtained EU CE marking, US FDA certification and the GMP certificate. XNY was granted access to NHS services in England, making it the only Chinese company to obtain such access.

Changzhou Xin Neng Yuan achieved success in its first step in European regions and it gradually established a foothold in the global market with the sale of its products. The products have been sold to Italy, Spain, Australia, Brazil, Portugal, the UK, France and other 24 countries and regions outside China. XNY has successively brought its products to exhibitions held in places such as Vietnam, Dubai, Germany, Korea, USA, Brazil, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and South Africa, establishing direct communication with surgeons and R&D engineers worldwide in various forms and creating a green channel to bring creativity and technology together. All this has established effective interaction between manufacturers and users, enabling the integration of resources and greatly improving the safety, effectiveness and innovation of products.

Justin Ma