You First Services

Who we are

You First Services, Inc. was formed in May of 2013 for the purpose of acquiring and commercializing unique, healthcare-related technologies with high market potential. These technologies have been successfully developed in a research laboratory setting, and have been subject to a full evaluation for commercial value potential with respect to formulation development, stability and safety testing, clinical trial completion, regulatory review, product manufacturing scalability and product marketability.

The company has accumulated a substantial amount of intellectual property through direct acquisition, exclusive licensing arrangements and internal development. This includes a number of patents, patent pending and proprietary technologies, as well as internally developed trade secrets, know-how and other proprietary intellectual property.

Our business strategy has been focused on the development of medical device related technologies with high commercialization and FDA 510(k) clearance potential, where available, as well as engineered systems products that address the containment and control of infectious diseases and other environmental safety concerns.

The company has successfully developed and launched products in the field of oral healthcare, sterilization and infectious diseases. We have licensed scientific technologies that were developed by the leading scientists in a research university setting.

Our values

At You First Services, we are determined to explore the possibilities that scientific innovation brings to the fields of healthcare and environmental safety. Our goal is to develop unique scientific technologies into effective, accessible and affordable products. With these products, we strive to improve the health and well-being of our local, national and global communities.

We work diligently to create a space for the researchers and scientists where their knowledge can find expression into tangible and accessible solutions that benefit society. We’re committed to the idea of happier and healthier world where nobody is deprived of effective healthcare and clean, safe and unharmed environment. We aspire to be an innovative, reliable and ambitious company that consistently fulfills its purpose and brings exceptional value to its customers, partners and employees.