zebris Medical

Who we are

zebris Medical GmbH is an innovative company that has been successful for many years in the development and production of 3D motion analysis and force measurement technologies for biomechanics. Our products for the divisions medical, veterinary, dental, sports are distributed and sold via affiliated distributors in 34 countries worldwide.

Besides marketing its own product line, zebris acts as supplier for several partner companies that market products manufactured by zebris under their own label.

The zebris measuring systems that are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO13485 are used for roll-off analysis of the feet in podiatry, for gait training in rehabilitation, for 3D registration of lower jaw movements in the functional dentistry as well as for the innovative coordination and balance training in fitness and sports.

Our values

zebris Medical is an innovative company that has been successful in the development, manufacturing and sales of measuring systems in the field of biomechanics.
We further a corporate identity and culture that is totally in tune with the requirements and objectives of an internationally operating company in the demanding field of medical technology.
Throughout the world, we contribute to the high requirements and the success our company is devoted to through our competence and the quality of our products.
At zebris, independent employees whose relationships among each other form the company’s foundation are characterized by mutual understanding and respect. We work together actively, positively and trustfully.

We work for our customers
Our customers’ satisfaction is the objective of our performance. Our customers can trust us.
We orientate ourselves on their requests. We use the combined knowledge and skills of zebris and its partners in order to offer our customers the solution that best fits his needs. We foster long-term customer relationships.

We convince through quality
zebris stands the test with selected, demanding products. Our product range is characterized by diversity and modularity.
It convinces through quality and high customer benefit.
Whenever taking actions, we strive for reliability and provide high-quality, fast and customer-oriented services.

We stay in motion
zebris continually grows through new ideas, business segments and cooperations as well as the ability to constantly change and develop.
We take into account the change in technologies, on markets and in society when taking actions and thus create the future with creativity and energy.

We all create success
zebris’ success is created through competence, customer orientation and the performance all the people working in our company.
We all prove our abilities every day anew, thus giving our company strength and perspective.

We make profit
Economic success forms the basis of zebris’ future.
We think and act entrepreneurial thus securing the long-term profitability of our company.

We create a positive working atmosphere
zebris offers interesting, challenging tasks. Performance wins recognition.
We create room for individual further development. Competences correspond to the tasks.
We further a climate of trust, openness, mutual respect and harmonious cooperation. We use our opportunities.

We show initiative
zebris employees suggest new ideas constructively and critically and thus contribute to constant improvements. They say their opinion openly and self-confident.
We personally take responsibility for the realization of common objectives and one’s own development. Working as a team goes without saying.

We lead fair
Together with their colleagues, zebris Managers aim to reach the agreed targets.
They foster team building and their employees’ success. They are trustworthy and a role model for their employees.
We lead responsibly, cooperatively and fair. We inform our employees and seek conversations. We strengthen self-confidence and independent action. We demand performance and provide our employees with orientation and support. We foster their personal and professional further development.

We take over social responsibility
The entrepreneurial acting of zebris is deeply rooted in market economy and liberal-democratic principles. It includes environmentally conscious thinking and respects national as well as cultural characteristics.
We take part in the creation of conditions, in which people are happy to live and work. In doing so, we are open-minded always seeking the dialogue in a social context.

Our presence around the world