Zhongke Meiling Cryogenics Co., Ltd.,

Who we are

Zhongke Meiling Cryogenics Co., Ltd., is a joint venture which was founded in 2002 by Changhong Meling Co., Ltd. and Chinese Academy of Sciences. We are awarded as a national new high-tech enterprise, engaging in life science, family health and cold chain solutions.
Our company main products include lab / medical refrigerator and freezer, ultra low temperature freezer, blood bank refrigerator, freezer rack/box, professional cold room, and bio-bank management. We are dedicated in providing solutions including MIBS intelligent biobank, wireless intelligent temperature monitoring, cold-chain storage, blood security solution and CO2/liquid nitrogen backup system. Zhongke Meiling is aiming to research and develop cryogenic preservation service for medical and health care, disease control and epidemic prevention, blood bank system, scientific research institutions, bio-pharmaceutical factories, genetic engineering, and life science. We have the perfect service system and have gotten international ISO, CE, UL approval. Our products have been exported to more than 70 countries in Europe, America, Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

The company has a R&D center of more than 5,000 ㎡, a main workshop of more than 8,500㎡,two international leading automatic production line of low-temperature equipment, a testing line, and a well-equipped pilot workshop and type test laboratory.Besides, the company built a new plant area of 25,000㎡ in 2021, a liquid nitrogen tank production line, a biological safety cabinet production line (including a test room), a spraying line, and a sheet metal forming processing center, laboratories, etc.

After 19 years of intensive cultivation in the professional field, we have built a high-quality research and development team, and obtained a number of scientific and technological innovation achievements, 283 invention patents and utility model patented technology. The part of patents includes patents for invention, patents for utility models, design patents and software copyrights. Among them, "Cryogenic mixed refrigerant refrigeration technology" with independent intellectual property rights won the second prize of National Technical Invention and the first prize of Chinese Association of Refrigeration.Now ,we have developed and manufactured the ultra-low temperature freezer with the lowest temperature in the world of -180℃. Our products have been untilized in Nigeria Center for Disease Control,Tsinghua University,Central China Data center sample database,National gene Bank,etc.

The company officially came on the New OTC(Over the Counter) Market(a stock exchange market)on February 24, 2016. At present, it is carrying out strategic transformation: from "cryogenic equipment field" to "biomedical field", from "terminal product manufacturer" to "product + service provider", from "technology-oriented" to "technology-based, product-based, market-oriented and user-centered". Through this series of transformation, it will create better products for users, give more benefits to customers, provide better platform for employees, and create higher value for shareholders.

Zhongke Meiling caring about the life, caring for the health. Sailing off for better life and better science!

Our values

Better Science Better Life!

MELING BIOMEDICAL, Caring about the life, Caring for the health. Sailing off for better life and better science!