Who we are

Zirkonzahn was founded in 2003 and has its headquarters in the heart of South Tyrolean mountains (Italy). The business is owned by Enrico Steger, MDT, who made his name in professional circles by inventing the Zirkograph, the manual zirconia milling machine, and the well-known Prettau® Bridge, the monolithic full bridge made with the translucent Prettau® zirconia. Mr. Steger now runs the company together with his son, MDT Julian Steger, starting the company’s second generation. What started as a one-person business is now a workplace for almost 300 employees all over the world, in various branch offices and training centers.

The company’s goal is to provide dental technicians and dentists with a valuable support in their professional collaboration within the treatment team. To ensure high quality standards, the company places a high value on in-house production and conception of elaboration materials, such as zirconia, resins and metals, as well as CAD/CAM systems and all the necessary components for the case manufacture, from the initial situation to the final restoration: software, sintering furnaces, colouring liquids, burs and tools. In particular, the company’s wide range of implant prosthetics components – including titanium bases – is available for more than 100 implant systems and perfectly integrated into Zirkonzahn’ software via corresponding libraries, for a smooth workflow. Indeed, in order to foster the collaboration and communication within the treatment team, all hardware, software and components are perfectly integrated to each other into a smooth workflow that puts particular attention to accuracy and patient involvement. Through innovative data acquisition methods, the patient’s specific reference planes and 3D facial scans can be implemented 1:1 and matched into the software with no loss of information, to provide dentists and patients with a realistic preview of the final, 100% customised restoration.

The experience and the knowledge gained is then put at the clients’ disposal through a well-structured educational program, “Die Zirkonzahn Schule”, which includes schools and courses combining a dental technical teaching with a school of life and culture. Zirkonzahn’s clients are assisted not only on an educational level but also through a technical support service available 6 days per week.

Our values

“At the root of everything I have achieved is my homeland, South Tyrol. My homeland gives me strength, and makes me who I am. It inspires my values of trust, responsibility, discipline and perseverance, upon which I founded my company, Zirkonzahn.” (MDT Enrico Steger)

At Zirkonzahn, we develop innovative technologies and visions for the dental market. We are impartial in our search for unconventional and smart solutions. Together, under one roof, we forge ideas and we work hard on their implementation, investigating everything down to the most minute detail. Perfection is our most important goal. Every day, we renew our fight against routine coming a little closer to our vision of perfection. Standardised production processes, accuracy and precision are our tools and our commitment to quality is our driving force.

Over the years, the company’s high quality products and work philosophy planted in the dental technician’s minds a seed of trust towards Enrico Steger and his company. A seed that Mr. Steger would cultivate in person, passing this passion to his son Julian Steger, MDT, who now runs the company together with his father. What was once a seed has now grown into a lasting relationship, based on mutual support and trust.