15-channel electrocardiographs

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2 products Biocare
Biocare   iE 15
Digital electrocardiograph (15 channels) iE 15 Biocare

The system has a 12.1” touch screen which provides high brightness. It supports hand writing through alphanumeric keyboard which has individual capital and numeral keys. Its 1:1 ratio waveforms...

Biocare   ECG-1230
Digital electrocardiograph (15 channels) ECG-1230 Biocare

Some of the features of ECG-1230 are : Latest generation of CPU for ensuring processing in minimal time; New isolation technology for ensuring high quality of waveform; Latest filters used for guaranteeing...

SonoScape Company IE15
Digital electrocardiograph (15 channels) IE15 SonoScape Company

As a high-end ECG, IE15 is compatible with 15-lead and 12-lead functions. With VCG analysis function, IE15 allows you an easier access in detection of posterior myocardial wall ischemia and significantly...

1 products Neurosoft
Neurosoft POLY-SPECTRUM-12/E
Digital electrocardiograph (computer-based, 15 channels) POLY-SPECTRUM-12/E Neurosoft

12 high-quality standard ECG leads 2 additional ECG channels compatible with transesophageal ECG leads 1 breath channel sampling rate — 10000 Hz, A/D converter — 24 bits...

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