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The Planmeca Chair has been ergonomically designed for comfort and functionality. It is ideal for surgical treatments and can be coupled with a ceiling-mounted unit or the Planmeca...

hydraulic dental chair - Elevance®

The Elevance Dental Chair is a leading device on the market today as it provides classy style and best patient accessibility combining exceptional patient comfort. The Cantilever Forward design of the device emphasizes styling and an unsurpassed range of motion is...

hydraulic dental chair - UltraTrim®

The Midmark UltraTrim Dental Chair has been specifically designed for patient comfort and enhanced clinician access. The chair-back design is patented and is made from cast-aluminum...

hydraulic dental chair - UltraComfort®

The Midmark UltraComfort® Dental Chair delivers an unmatched comfort and precision to its patients. It features a patented chair-back design with integrated armrests and lumber support which comforts...

dental chair - Knight Biltmore Classic™

The Biltmore Classic Chair is a rare amalgamation of comfort and reliability with the cost effectiveness. Enhancing upper body structure, outstanding lumbar support and superior ergonomics endow with...

electric dental chair / for oral surgery - Midmark 641 Barrier-Free®

With the ability to handle 204 kgs or 450 lbs of patient weight, the Midmark 641 Barrier-Free® Oral Surgery Chair features a minimum height of 19" and maximum of 40' and is designed...

dental chair - UD 2010

The ULTRADENT UD 2012 Patient Chair is not a compete unit, but is a unit designed to modernize existing motorized dental chairs, giving them a more attractive and decidedly...

dental chair - T 10

Many patients including those who are physically-restricted and the old ones appreciate the T 10. Even the younger generation appreciates this seat because it is way more comfortable compared to a normal chair. Once the patients are comfortably...

dental chair - T 11

The ULTRADENT children’s treatment unit comes with many discriminating features, the Fridolin has also experienced advancement in the T 11 motorized chair. Features include complete removal of the hand rest which provides...

hydraulic dental chair - 3900

Hydraulic Chair 3900 consumes a power of 110 Volt. It can be upholstered by Ultraleather™ with broad back intended for elbow support. Double articulating...

dental chair - NuSimplicity™

Ergonomics: Minimize Twisting & Reaching
Thin tapered back
Slim 12-3/4” width at top of chair back
Integrated touch pads located on both sides of upper backrest.


dental chair - J/V-Generation®

DentalEZ combined the thin, narrow back and independent seat tilt of the famous J-Chair® with the flexibility of the split-back V-Chair and added a new sleek modern look, anatomically correct hip pivot point and left/right...

dental chair - J-Chair®

The J-Chair allows total patient placement flexibility to create the most comfortable working position for the patient and dental team.

The back, seat and base positions adjust...

portable dental chair - BD-503

BD-503 Portable Dental Chair
Height of seat surface above ground: 240~640(mm)
Range of back rest angle: 100°~175°
Loading capacity: Standard for dental patient (135kg)
Illumination: LED projection, AC-DC chargeable light illumination

dental chair - DM20

Five programmable positions for two users.
Working positions range 390-795 mm ± 10 mm....

dental chair - DE20

One programmable position.
Working positions range 390-755 mm ± 10 mm.
Chair integrated power...

dental chair - DE20 LIFT

The dental chair with an innovative lifting mechanism.
The chairs design provides dentist with extra legroom.
Possibility to have multiple...

dental chair - ST-06LUX

Item No: GP069-07

- Innovated foldable patient chair makes the patient feel more comfortable and more convenient to get in or get out.

- Backrest and seat combine movement helps the patient no need to readjust...

dental chair - ST-04(LUX type)

Dental chair


dental chair - ST-04(LUX type)

A portable dental...

electromechanical dental chair - LINDA

Completely electromechanical dental chair. Contrived according to the principles of ergonomics, the chair is particularly suitable for elderly persons. As it is without any seams and edges, it is easy to clean...

portable dental chair - 91239-674

I Portable dental chair adopt high-strength aluminum...

portable dental chair - 9216-744

II Portable dental chair adopt high-strength aluminum...

dental chair - Spirit 3300

Pelton & Crane’s new Spirit 3300 dental chair builds on a strong foundation to provide new enhancements in doctor access, patient comfort, and...

dental chair - Spirit 1800

Treat your patients to a relaxing visit with a dental chair designed for their comfort and your full efficiency. The Spirit 1800...

dental chair - Patient Chair

Neck rest

electromechanical dental chair - 2009new

Classic and elegant design, clean lines and curves, the perfect combination of polyurethane and metal, reliability proven over the years, another masterpiece by Tecnodent.


electromechanical dental chair -

The evolution of a functional chair.
The combination of different materials and technologies results in an exclusive and modern chair.


electromechanical dental chair - ECO19

Reliable, functional, innovative.
The result of an extensive research in the polyurethane field.

Electromechanical seat lifting/lowering and backrest tilting movements

electromechanical dental chair - Light

Modern and clean design, the latest evolution of Tecnodent quality and know-how in a full options chair.


electromechanical dental chair - Linda3

Ergonomically designed with a knee break seat for easier patient access, the Linda3 chair is particularly suitable for the elderly and children.

Electromechanical seat...

hydraulic dental chair - 5108 G5108

practical design
steady base plate
continuously variable height adjustment by means of a maintenance-free gasspring

radiography dental chair - Coburg Ray-O-Seat 4045 U

x-ray, imprint and multi-purpose chair suitable for orthodontics and prophylaxis with hydraulic pump...

radiography dental chair - Coburg Ray-O-Seat 4046 EH-U

X-ray, impression and multipurpose chair for orthodontics and prophylaxis, with electromechanical...

radiography dental chair - Coburg X-Ray-Lift 4047 U

x-ray chair with 5-beam cast aluminium safety base
with 5 special...

portable dental chair - Portadent T

This patient chair is to be used in connection with a portable treatment unit, preferably SIROBOY T by Siemens, for dental treatment in remote regions and anywhere that stationary equipment cannot be installed


electromechanical dental chair - SK 1.01

Reliability, ergonomics, comfort !

Dental chair SK1.01 is made from high-tech quality materials originating...

electromechanical dental chair - SK 1.08

New generation of patient chair. Maximum comfort for both dentist and patient.

Anatomical design of the backrest and seat section to avoid “stripping” effect
2 sets of four programmable working positions with visual control on display
Electronic or mechanical...

dental chair - D1 SOLO

DKL treatment units have been designed in such a way that thanks to be combined movement of seat and back rest, there is no compression or stretching effect for the patient. When the...

dental chair - L1-SOLO

Treating patients in a lying position gives...

dental chair - L1-SOLO

This unit shows the maximum integration of standard technical resources that can be demanded of a unit...

dental chair - FD-5000

All FINNDENT chairs have four easily programmable
automatic positions including a “return-to-last-position”
setting that drives...

dental chair - FD-3600

All FINNDENT chairs have four easily programmable automatic positions including a “return-to-last-position” setting that drives...

hydraulic dental chair - MIRAGE

Foot Control
Hands-free positioning of the patient,
2-programmable positions

radiography dental chair - XR-6101

Scat width: 18"
Scat height ranges:21.5"...


How to choose this product


A dental chair is used to deliver care in a dentist's office. This essential element may form an integral part of an assemblage including other instruments and devices.


Such furniture allows the patient to be placed in a position which facilitates the dentist's work. It is used for many different types of care, including oral surgery.


The chair reclines and its height can be varied to place the patient in the ideal position. Some use pneumatic controls, generally a pedal, to activate a hydraulic system. Electric and electromechanical models have an electric control mechanism. Certain chairs can be transported in the context of a mobile dental service.

How to choose

Choice will depend primarily on power source, chair movement parameters and space required for installation. Chair upholstery is also an essential factor in order to facilitate cleaning and disinfection. Padding material should be chosen with patient comfort in mind.


- Ergonomics designed for dental care


- Requires significant space

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