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shower chair / height-adjustable / electric - Carendo™

Carendo is a multi purpose hygiene chair built for solving the showering problem of residents under long term care. The traditional method of giving bath to patients creates a lot of problem such as strain on the carer. It has a innovative ergonomic...

shower chair / height-adjustable / electric - Carino™

Carino™ shower and hygiene chair is manufactured for the purpose of assistance showering. Device makes the showering sessions relaxed, dignified, comfortable and efficient. It helps professionals to work in an better work environment in regards to the procedures such as hair washing,...

shower chair / height-adjustable / on casters / electric - Alenti™

Alenti is a technologically advanced lift hygiene chair provides mobility of the semi-dependent patient for their daily activities, by offering them suitable transport facilities and transfer solutions. It is a system of integrated bathing in which the...

shower chair / height-adjustable / on casters / electric - Calypso™ Classic

Designed for both caregivers and nursing staff, the Calypso hygiene lift chair helps prevent injuries that are caused due to manual lifting and handling of patients...

shower chair / height-adjustable / on casters / electric - Calypso™ PUR

The Calypso™ from ArjoHuntleigh Company is a hygiene lift chair designed to prevent caregivers and nursing staff from sustaining back injuries caused by manual lifting or handling of patients or residents. The new seat crafted...

shower chair / height-adjustable / electric - Rio H605

The Invacare H605 Rio is a great way to give safe bath to anyone. The design is so unique that it can perfectly fit in...

shower chair / height-adjustable / electric - Aquatec Orca

Baths can be taken safely with the Aquatec Orca bath lift that operates easily with the push of a button. Absolute safety is assured...

shower chair / height-adjustable / electric - Aquatec Beluga

Aquatec Beluga has a stable and strong frame with strengthened scissors and base plate. It is battery...

shower chair / height-adjustable / electric - Elexo

maximum lifting capacity 180 kg.

shower chair / height-adjustable / electric - Reflex

Transport and lifting aids are indispensable in clinics and therapeutic centres. They are an important component when giving care to patients, transporting...

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