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An electrocardiograph (ECG) reads electrical signals produced by the heart via electrodes attached to the patient's chest. The readings are treated and transcribed for analysis. Today, most models are digital, facilitating data management and analysis. In addition, the results are easily transmitted by telemetry to other support systems.


These devices constitute the basic tool for diagnosing problems in cardiac activity. They are used in electrophysiology as well as cardiology, and are increasingly employed during routine medical visits. Resting ECG is distinguished from a stress, or exercise test. Each is capable of revealing a different range of cardiac conditions. There are also ECG units designed for veterinary use.


The trend is for such devices, now mostly digital, to become increasingly portable, often in the form of tablets or smartphones. Computerization (PC-ECG) and wireless network connectivity (telemetry) are also more and more common.

In healthcare facilities, these machines are often integrated into the main data system and configured for patient data management. However, there still are analog units which deliver only a paper printout of test results.

How to choose

Choice will depend on the technology of the ECG. Digital signal treatment facilitates analysis and improves the signal-to-noise ratio. Mobility is another advantage. For example, battery-powered portable systems are better adapted to emergency use. Another factor is the type of exam to be administered, whether resting or exercise.

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2 products ESAOTE
Digital 3 channels P80 ESAOTE

Compact and Portable P80 offers any customer the information to produce a complete and accurate ECG report providing economy and value for money. The high-resolution ECG signal acquisition an printing...

Digital 12 channels P8000 ESAOTE

Modularity The P8000 has been conceived as a modular device in order to meet your exact requirements. The unit is available in two different configurations: Basic, which includes a skilful measurement...

15 products SCHILLER
Digital 12 channels with touchscreen MS-2007 SCHILLER

Emergencies happen anywhere, at any time and not necessarily where you expect them. To address the healthcare needs of a growing global population, we must be able to reach them. With this vision in mind...

Analog 3 channels CARDIOVIT AT-1 SCHILLER

The Cardiovit AT-i is the worldwide best selling 3-channel ECG. It ensures superior performance...


The Cardiovit AT-10 Plus is a high-value performance twelve channel ECG system that combines the benefits of an integrated diagnostic workstation...

Digital 3 channels CARDIOVIT AT-101 SCHILLER

CARDIOVIT AT-101 is a high-tech ECG device designed by Schiller. The digital 3-channel...

Digital with spirometer 12 channels CARDIOVIT AT-102 SCHILLER

The CARDIOVIT AT-102 is a single, affordable device that can handle some of the most important cardiopulmonary function...

Digital with spirometer 12 channels CARDIOVIT AT-102 plus SCHILLER

AT-102 plus is an ECG device containing of 12 channels. It is a simple device that can be used easily when built...

3 products Mindray
Mindray DECG-03A
Digital 3 channels DECG-03A Mindray

This electrocardiograph provides automatic ECH measurements and analysis and benefits from simultaneous 12-lead acquisition. It has full digital processing capabilities including a thermal...

Digital wireless computerbased NETGUARD™ Mindray

The product, NetGuard is compact device which is exceptionally designed for monitoring efficiently the electrical activity of the heart (ECG). It helps in protecting the non-monitored patient in the hospital...

Mindray BeneHeart R3
Digital BeneHeart R3 Mindray

Reliable Analysis BeneHeart R3 makes use of the University of Glasgow ECG analysis algorithm, which is world’s leading resting ECG interpretation. Glasgow algorithm is the first to be based of a set of...

8 products Fukuda Denshi
new Fukuda Denshi CardiMax FX-8222
Digital 12 channels CardiMax FX-8222 Fukuda Denshi

The CardiMax FX-8222 is a new model that comes with a large LCD display with touch screen optimization. It is...

Fukuda Denshi CardiMax FX-7102
Digital 3 channels CardiMax FX-7102 Fukuda Denshi

The Electrocardiograph CardiMax FX-7102 comes with a built-in LCD (320x240 dots) and features...

Fukuda Denshi CardiMax FCP-7101
Digital 3 channels CardiMax FCP-7101 Fukuda Denshi

This Electrocardiograph CardiMax model weighs only 1.2 kg (approximately 2.5 pounds) and features...

Fukuda Denshi CardiMax FX-7202
Digital 6 channels CardiMax FX-7202 Fukuda Denshi

This advanced Electrocardiograph CardiMax model (FX-7202) features an alpha-numeric keyboard, 3/6...

Fukuda Denshi CardiMax FX-8322/8322R
Digital 12 channels CardiMax FX-8322/8322R Fukuda Denshi

The CardiMax FX-8322/R features a large screen (LCD) to display clear ECG waveformes. The device is operated via keyboard/buttons or the touch panel keys. Data can...

Fukuda Denshi CardiMax FX-7542
Digital 12 channels CardiMax FX-7542 Fukuda Denshi

The Electrocardiograph CardiMax (FX-7542) is a multifunctional electrocardiograph that offers...

Nihon Kohden Europe cardiofax C ECG-1150
Digital 3 channels cardiofax C ECG-1150 Nihon Kohden Europe

ECG-1150 is a 3-channel interpretive resting electrocardiograph. This compact device features a LCD screen which displays a 12 lead ECG simultaneously. It produces an ECG...

Nihon Kohden Europe cardiofax S ECG-1250
Digital 6 channels cardiofax S ECG-1250 Nihon Kohden Europe

This machine comes standard with six channel recording and an LCD color screen....

Nihon Kohden Europe cardiofax M 1350
Digital 12 channels cardiofax M 1350 Nihon Kohden Europe

This 12-channel interpretive ECG features 12 channel recording. It meets the international...

Nihon Kohden Europe cardiofax V 1550
Digital 12 channels cardiofax V 1550 Nihon Kohden Europe

This 12-15 channel interpretive ECG follows the international standard for digital electrocardiographs regarding digital filter performance...

Nihon Kohden Europe cardiofaxm M ECG-2350
Digital 12 channels cardiofaxm M ECG-2350 Nihon Kohden Europe

This electrocardiograph comes standart with adjustable display to maintain easy...

Nihon Kohden Europe cardiofax G ECG-2550
Digital 12 channels cardiofax G ECG-2550 Nihon Kohden Europe

ECG-2550 is an interpretive electrocardiograph device featuring a 15-inch touch panel...

Spacelabs Healthcare CardioDirect 12 USB
Digital computerbased 12 channels CardioDirect 12 USB Spacelabs Healthcare

The CardioDirect 12 USB ECG system, when connected to your own PC through a standard USP port, provides...

Spacelabs Healthcare CardioExpress SL6
Digital 6 channels CardioExpress SL6 Spacelabs Healthcare

The CardioExpress SL6 is a six-channel ECG reader that can be used to read and store as many as 200 12-lead CG tests and can even send this information to the Sentinel...

Spacelabs Healthcare CardioExpress SL12
Digital 12 channels CardioExpress SL12 Spacelabs Healthcare

The CardioExpress SL12, SL6 and SL3 computers can read 12-lead ECG tests and can store 200 ECGs, if desired. These models can archive their readouts to the Sentinel Cardiology Information Management System,...

Spacelabs Healthcare CardioExpress SL3
Digital 3 channels CardioExpress SL3 Spacelabs Healthcare

Cardioexpress Sl12, Sl6 And Sl3 offers assure fast and factual 12-lead ECG acquisition. They offer optional storage of 200 ECGs, external archiving to theSentinel Cardiology Information Management System...

new Spacelabs Healthcare AriaTele
ECG monitor AriaTele Spacelabs Healthcare

AriaTele has been designed by Spacelabs as a new telemetry transmitter which provides a reliable means of monitoring ambulatory patients. This cost-effective device provides a high performance...

15 products Cardioline
Cardioline touchecg
Digital 12 channels with touchscreen touchecg Cardioline

Touchecg is a resting electrocardiograph with 12 leads. Combined with the clickecgbt acquisition unit and a high-resolution touch-screen tablet PC, this system is able to communicate...

Cardioline ar600adv
Digital wireless 3 channels ar600adv Cardioline

Ar600adv is a portable device which has been structured for electrocardiograph. The system has dual power supply with mains and rechargeable internal batteries. The configuration itself specks for the...

Cardioline ar600view
Digital wireless ar600view Cardioline

Cardioline features the latest ar600view BT available in Bluetooth version in addition with base version, with an aim to facilitate data transmission through integrated Bluetooth interface. It is an electrocardiograph...

Cardioline ar1200adv
Digital wireless 12 channels ar1200adv Cardioline

The ar1200adv is a portable electrocardiograph with dual power supply. The ar1200adv can be adapted at any given moment to suit your individual requirements due to the flexibility of the software used...

Cardioline ar1200viewbt
Digital wireless ar1200viewbt Cardioline

Ar1200viewbt is a device particularly made for electrocardiograph. The device proffers dual power supply with mains and rechargeable internal batteries....

Cardioline ar2100view
Digital wireless 12 channels ar2100view Cardioline

Ar2100view has a combines optimised performance in multi channel ECG recording appareled with 12 channels colour graphic display. It is A4 format print system with...

BTL International BTL-08 LC PLUS ECG
Digital 12 channels with touchscreen BTL-08 LC PLUS ECG BTL International

Professional-grade electrocardiographs are the heart and soul of any cardiology department. This particular 12-channel electrocardiograph monitor, with its impressive 8.4...

BTL International BTL-08 LC ECG
Digital 12 channels with touchscreen BTL-08 LC ECG BTL International

BTL-08 LC ECG is a 12-channel electrocardiograph with 8.4’’ color touch screen and A5 print. The L-line 12-channel ECGs are professional electrocardiographs designed especially for cardiology departments...

BTL International BTL-08 LT PLUS ECG
Digital 12 channels with touchscreen BTL-08 LT PLUS ECG BTL International

This 12-channel L-line ECG has a 5.7" color touch screen and prints on A4 Z-fold thermal paper. It is specially designed for use in cardiology clinics and departments and uses the latest technology...

BTL International BTL-08 LT ECG
Digital 12 channels with touchscreen BTL-08 LT ECG BTL International

BTL-08 LC ECG is a 12-channel electrocardiograph with 5.7’’ color touch screen and A5 print. The L-line 12-channel ECGs are professional electrocardiographs designed especially for cardiology departments...

BTL International BTL-08 MT PLUS ECG
Digital 12 channels with touchscreen BTL-08 MT PLUS ECG BTL International

The BTL-08 MT Plus ECG is a 12 channel electrocardiograph with a 5.7" colour touch screen. This model has all of the advanced features...

BTL International BTL-08 MD ECG
Digital 12 channels BTL-08 MD ECG BTL International

BTL-08 MD is a 12-channel electrocardiograph which features a graphic display. This 1-channel LCD display shows the vital information pertaining to chosen profiles, and...

6 products WelchAllyn
video WelchAllyn CPR-UI-UB-D
Digital computerbased CPR-UI-UB-D WelchAllyn

The Welch Allyn PC-Based Resting ECG, part of the CardioPerfect Workstation suite improves accuracy, enables immediate access to patient diagnostic information and enhances efficiency. It can help tailor...

WelchAllyn CP50™
Digital 3 channels with touchscreen CP50™ WelchAllyn

The new CP 50 ECG is a fully featured, user friendly, compactable and affordable device. The simple one button operation eases the ECG testing process for the trained caregivers....

WelchAllyn CP 100™
Digital 12 channels CP 100™ WelchAllyn

Welch Allyn CP 100™ Electrocardiograph is a reliable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective ECG device for almost any office setting. It...

WelchAllyn CP200™
Digital with spirometer 12 channels CP200™ WelchAllyn

The Welch Electrocardiograph is easy to use and is capable of producing accurate patient readings. To ensure greater accuracy and smoother readings, the device is...

WelchAllyn CP 300™
Stress test CP 300™ WelchAllyn

The CP 300 Exercise ECG offers versatile features for fast and easy exercise ECGs. The user-friendly and powerful device offers intuitive design and full 15" color...

Patient data management system (ECG) CARDIOPERFECT® WelchAllyn

If you want to transform your computer or laptop into an effective diagnostic solution, then bring Welch Allyn CardioPerfect® Workstation product suite. The product is a comprehensive cardiopulmonary...

1 products CareFusion
CareFusion  MasterScreen™ ECG
Digital computerbased 12 channels MasterScreen™ ECG CareFusion

Designed both for rest and stress, this 12-lead ECG testing device is compatible with other CareFusion metabolic carts such as MasterScreen CPX, and Oxycon. The The CareFusion...

1 products Physio-Control
video Physio-Control ReadyLink
Handheld digital 12 channels ReadyLink Physio-Control

ReadyLink™ 12-Lead ECG is user friendly, movable and handheld device which simply takes...

1 products MIDMARK
Digital veterinary 3 channels CardEX™ 300 MIDMARK

5-lead acquisition delivers easy, dependable and a good quality for animals ECG. It is mandatory that the CardEX™ 300 should be sufficient for all veterinary activities and a place to study. Features -...

11 products Longfian Scitech
Longfian Scitech  ECG-1101
Digital 1 channel ECG-1101 Longfian Scitech

ECG-1101 has single channel ECG machine with measurement at 20x2 character LCD,USB which is optional for SXD-1A and...

Longfian Scitech  ECG-1101G
Digital 1 channel ECG-1101G Longfian Scitech

The ECG B&W Series features single channel ECG with measurement using manual, auto and arrhythmia Analysis modes with a lead-off...

Longfian Scitech  ECG-1103
Digital 3 channels ECG-1103 Longfian Scitech

ECG 1103 has a three channel ECG machine. SXD-3A measurement with 320×240 graphic and 3.8 inch LCD display. It is...

Longfian Scitech  ECG-1103G
Digital 3 channels ECG-1103G Longfian Scitech

Compact, this ECG machine offers three channels for accurate measurements. This ECG machine can be set in either a manual, automatic or arrhythmia...

Longfian Scitech  ECG-1106
Digital 6 channels ECG-1106 Longfian Scitech

The Six Channel ECG is part of the ECG B&W Series. This portable 6 channel ECG machine...

Longfian Scitech  ECG-1106G
Digital 6 channels ECG-1106G Longfian Scitech

The portable 6-Channel ECG Machine provides a real-time electrocardiogram waveform of a patient. It is capable of simultaneous acquisition of 12-lead ECG data, save/replay of cases and has Manual/Auto/Arrhythmia...

Shenzhen Aeon Technology A601 Series
Digital 1 channel A601 Series Shenzhen Aeon Technology

A601/A601B/A601B1 is a single channel ECG machine, which is designed with portable and easy to use. It is remarkably transportable and bring with them...

Shenzhen Aeon Technology A603 Series
Digital 3 channels A603 Series Shenzhen Aeon Technology

Description: A603/A603B is a portable and high quality 3-channel ECG, which offer not only normal thermal printing but also external printing solution. It can used in hosipital. Clinic and emergencyies. A603:...

Shenzhen Aeon Technology A606 Series
Digital 6 channels A606 Series Shenzhen Aeon Technology

A606/A606B is a portable and high quality 6-channel ECG, which offer not only normal thermal printing but also external printing solution. It can used in hosipital. Clinic and emergencyies. A606: 4.3...

Shenzhen Aeon Technology A612 Series
Digital 12 channels A612 Series Shenzhen Aeon Technology

A612 is a portable and high quality 12 channel ECG machine with interpretation. It can widely used in hosipital, Clinic and emergencies. Product...

Sonostar Technologies SE-12A
Digital 12 channels SE-12A Sonostar Technologies

Features: -Portable 12 channel ECG machine -Multiple operation modes: Manual/Auto/Arrhythmia Analysis...

Sonostar Technologies SE-6A
Digital 6 channels SE-6A Sonostar Technologies

Features: -Six channel ECG machine with interpretation -Multiple operation modes: Manual/Auto/Arrhythmia...

Sonostar Technologies SE-6
Digital 6 channels SE-6 Sonostar Technologies

-Six channel ECG machine with interpretation -Multiple operation modes: Manual/Auto/Arrhythmia Analysis...

Sonostar Technologies SE-3C
Digital 3 channels SE-3C Sonostar Technologies

Main Features: 7 inch 480x680 color graphic LCD display Three channel ECG machine with interpretation 12-lead ECG simultaneous...

Sonostar Technologies SE-3B
Digital 3 channels SE-3B Sonostar Technologies

Main Features: 4.3inch 480x272 color graphic LCD display Three channel ECG machine with interpretation 12-lead ECG simultaneous...

Sonostar Technologies SE-3
Digital 3 channels SE-3 Sonostar Technologies

-Three channel ECG machine with interpretation -Multiple operation modes: Manual/Auto/Arrhythmia Analysis...

4 products Kalamed
Kalamed KES-301
Digital 3 channels KES-301 Kalamed

The KES-301 is a small, light weight ECG unit connectable with a 3 channel printer. The LCD display enables to easily check the patient...

Kalamed KES-601
Digital 6 channels KES-601 Kalamed

The Kalamed KES-601 offers a small and lightweight ECG unit that includes a 6 channel printer. The device also has a large LCD display...

Kalamed KES-121
Digital 12 channels KES-121 Kalamed

The KES-121 is a unique ECG unit with 12-channel Printer on 216 mm Recording Paper. It’s HiRes Color LCD display offers ease of use for checking...

Kalamed KEC-1000
Digital computerbased 12 channels KEC-1000 Kalamed

The KEC-100 computerized ECG can be easily installs and can be connected to the USB port of a PC using a standard cable or via WiFi.High quality ECG signal is due to high sampling rate (2000 Hz).The hardware...

Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co.,ltd ECG-203
Digital 3 channels ECG-203 Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co.,ltd

ECG-203 features digital isolation technology which minimizes component drift versus time and temperature in order to guarantee the high-adaptability of the equipment to the environment. It has a digital...

Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co.,ltd ECG-200A
Digital 1 channel ECG-200A Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co.,ltd

High resolution thermal printer can print out ECG waveform clearly and accurately. ECG 200A is leading with digital isolation technology and digital signal processor that assures the authenticity and...

video Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co.,ltd ECG-213
Digital 3 channels ECG-213 Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co.,ltd

ECG 213 The ECG device detects and amplifies the tiny electrical changes on the skin that are caused when the heart muscle depolarizes during each heartbeat. These impulses can be detected by the ECG...

Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co.,ltd ECG-200B
Digital 1 channel ECG-200B Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co.,ltd

The device contains bigger LCD screen that displays the ECG trace. It is developed with digital isolation technology and digital signal processor that guarantees legitimacy and reliability. A High–resolution...

7 products Custo med
Custo med custo cardio 100
Digital computerbased 12 channels custo cardio 100 Custo med

The device has integrated wires, electrode clips and USB port. It is defibrillation-protected and assures dependable pacemaker detection. The ECG module is flexible...

Custo med custo cardio 110
Digital computerbased 12 channels custo cardio 110 Custo med

The custo cardio 110 features 12-channel PC ECG device with digital pacemaker detection and...

Custo med custo cardio 130
Digital computerbased 12 channels custo cardio 130 Custo med

Custo Cardio 130 is just like custo cardio 100 but with standard port for using...

Custo med custo cardio 100 / 110 BT
Digital computerbased 12 channels custo cardio 100 / 110 BT Custo med

Custo Cardio 100/110 BT is the innovated version of Custo Cardio 100/110 that comes with a rechargeable...

Custo med custo cardio m
Digital computerbased 12 channels custo cardio m Custo med

The 12 channel PC-ECG offers a strong frequency response, with integrated...

Custo med custo cardio 200
Automatic y electrode applicator custo cardio 200 Custo med

Custo Cardio 200 is a resting/stress test ecg and a suction unit all in one. This technological innovation sets standards in functionality, operability and quality of data transfer. Important Functions System...

Allengers Medical Systems Ltd. PISCES-A-103 / 106 / 106I
Digital PISCES-A-103 / 106 / 106I Allengers Medical Systems Ltd.

This battery operated electrocardiograph is fully automatic....

11 products Biocare
Biocare   iE 15
Digital 15 channels iE 15 Biocare

The system has a 12.1” touch screen which provides high brightness. It supports hand writing through alphanumeric keyboard which has individual capital and numeral keys. Its 1:1 ratio waveforms...

Biocare   ECG-1230
Digital 15 channels ECG-1230 Biocare

Some of the features of ECG-1230 are : Latest generation of CPU for ensuring processing in minimal time; New isolation technology for ensuring high quality of waveform; Latest filters used for guaranteeing...

Biocare   iE 12A
Digital 12 channels iE 12A Biocare

The device contains 8.9 inches color touch screen with high brightness and supports hand writing. Alphanumeric keyboard is water-resistant and contains silicone keys having backlight. Waveforms are in...

Biocare   ECG-2000
Digital computerbased 12 channels ECG-2000 Biocare

Device has instantaneous 12 leads acquisition (16 / 18 leads as optional), frequency response from 0.05-250Hz and this is specific to diagnosing kids. Independent plug-in lead wire successfully evades...

Biocare   ECG-1230
Digital 12 channels ECG-1230 Biocare

Biocare’s ECG-1230 Digital 12-channel ECG features a digital isolation technology and signal processing ensured the signal reliability. It has a huge 12.1" LCD color screen on a swivel arm with...

Biocare   ECG-1210
Digital 12 channels ECG-1210 Biocare

ECG machine features Real-time waveform freezing, economy mode for printing cost reduction, Long lasting battery provides up to 2 hours of non...

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