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5 products VWR
new Beckman Coulter International S.A.  CESI 8000
Capillary with mass spectrometer CE/MS CESI 8000 Beckman Coulter International S.A.

The need for high performance separation has paved the way for an intelligent system called CESI 8000. The term CESI was developed on the basis of a new front-end separation-and ionization...

Beckman Coulter International S.A.  PA 800 plus
Capillary for pharmaceutical research PA 800 plus Beckman Coulter International S.A.

Therapeutic proteins make up a rapidly growing segment of global pharmaceutical production. These...

Beckman Coulter International S.A.  P/ACE™ MDQ
Capillary P/ACE™ MDQ Beckman Coulter International S.A.

P/ACE MDQ, a Method Development system based on CE is optimally configured for analytical processes, especially spectral analysis and automated separation. This equipment is endowed...

1 products Sarstedt
Sarstedt ELPHOSCAN Mini-Plus, ES 2000
Compact ELPHOSCAN Mini-Plus, ES 2000 Sarstedt

The ELPHOSCAN instruments are tailored for full automation electrophoresis of serum, urine and liquor on cellulose acetate foil....

4 products Sebia
video Sebia  CAPILLARYS 2
Capillary CAPILLARYS 2 Sebia

The CAPILLARYS 2 was designed by Sebia to utilize today’s most sophisticated and advanced technology. It produces a high performance level and focuses on stringent requirements for clinical diagnostic...

Sebia  CAPILLARYS 2 Flex Piercing
Capillary CAPILLARYS 2 Flex Piercing Sebia

This instrument is versatile and comes standard with capped tubes for blood, urine and serum. It can provide 37 samples in one hour. It has a comprehesive test menu, which includes the tsting...

video Sebia  HYDRASYS 2
Compact automatic agarose gel HYDRASYS 2 Sebia

The different phases of electrophoresis testing range from sample application to the final reading. The HYDRASYS 2 can now complete these phases. This device features the latest developments in technology...

video Sebia  MINICAP
Multiparametric automatic capillary MINICAP Sebia

Small to medium size laboratories can now get the benefits of SEBIA’s Capillary technology with the added advantage of a smaller instrument footprint with the advent of the MINICAP....

1 products PerkinElmer
4 products BPC BioSed
BPC BioSed   Simply PHOR 2014
Compact Simply PHOR 2014 BPC BioSed

The device is capable of automatically performing electrophoretic routine of the clinical tests like hemoglobin and serum proteins. It also permits to create and customize...

BPC BioSed   Simply PHOR New Vet
Compact veterinary Simply PHOR New Vet BPC BioSed

Simply Phor New Vet automatically performs the electrophoretic routine of clinical tests, such as hemoglobins and serum proteins. Additional tests can also be...

BPC BioSed   Simply PHOR 8 Vet
Compact veterinary Simply PHOR 8 Vet BPC BioSed

Simply Phor 8 Vet permit the creation and customization of joined tests like the multi fractionation serum proteic. It is an instrument capable of naturally...

1 products Partec
Labnet International ENDURO™ Gel XL
ENDURO™ Gel XL Labnet International

The Enduro Gel XL from Labnet is made with many components to make it easier for horizontal gels to be set up right. This is great for gel...

video Labnet International ENDURO™ GDS
Gel documentation system with built-in camera for electrophoresis ENDURO™ GDS Labnet International

The ENDURO GDS Gel Documentation System by Labnet is available with either a built-in 302 nm UV transiluminator or a 365 UV transiluminator. The 5 megapixel...

video Labnet International ENDURO™ GDS Touch
Gel documentation system with built-in camera for electrophoresis ENDURO™ GDS Touch Labnet International

The ENDURO GDS Touch Gel is the newest documentation system of the brand’s electrophoresis equipment line. It is a state-of-the-art imaging system developed to meet sophisticated...

2 products EuroClone
1 products Biotec-Fischer
4 products Interlab

This automated, high-tech unit is a product of the Aries company. It was designed to assist biologists...

Compact Robo-Scan P.S.ELETTRONICA

User-friendly, the Robo-Scan offers the latest in technology relative to automatic...

3 products Herolab
Herolab MiniDoc
Gel documentation system with built-in camera for electrophoresis MiniDoc Herolab

MiniDoc is totally new product which is the Herolab scientific grade CCD camera type B 1393 3U7N with 1,4 Mio. pixels and 12...

Herolab HeroDoc Plus
Gel documentation system with built-in camera for electrophoresis HeroDoc Plus Herolab

The newly designed compact Darkroom hood has a small footprint:(WxDxH) 40x52x45 cm.UV protection shield enables preparative work when the hood is open.UV light turns...

Herolab E.A.S.Y Doc plus
Gel documentation system with built-in camera for electrophoresis E.A.S.Y Doc plus Herolab

This Herolab gel documentation system uses a CCD camera and a 32-bit...

1 products Nanolytik
Nanolytik Nanolytik® NanoGelDoc 1
Gel documentation system with built-in camera for electrophoresis Nanolytik® NanoGelDoc 1 Nanolytik

The Nanolytik® NanoGel Gel Documentation System is designed to meet the changing needs of researchers in the field of qualitative and quantitative...

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