agarose gel electrophoresis system / bench-top
agarose gel electrophoresis system
SPIFE Touch™

... New Helena Touch Electrophoresis System Smaller. Faster. Touch screen. Versatile. Those are the design specs behind all the Touch Series analyzers. SPIFE Touch builds on the proven track record of ...

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Helena Laboratories
cellulose acetate electrophoresis system / bench-top
cellulose acetate electrophoresis system

RAFFAELLO uses supported cellulose acetate strips which are managed completely automatically. Simply insert them in the appropriate slots and tell the machine which strips to use. The patient archive is stored on an external computer ...

clinical electrophoresis system / bench-top
clinical electrophoresis system

In-house development The automated electrophoresis unit MAESTRO 101 is a new development from BIOTEC-FISCHER, utilising the most modern technology. The MAESTRO 101 is designed for a long operational life and safe, reliable, ...

agarose gel electrophoresis system / compact
agarose gel electrophoresis system
EasyFix Interlab G26

Interlab, the World Leader in Gel Electrophoresis Automation, introduces the New Easy Interlab G26 providing the only Totally Automated, Compact Bench-Top, Agarose Gel Electrophoresis system ...

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