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spectrometry software / visualization / monitoring / evaluation
spectrometry software

OPUS Spectroscopy Software OPUS is the leading spectroscopy software for state-of-the-art measurement, processing and evaluation of IR, NIR and Raman Spectra. Based on decades of experience ...

data logging software / management / visualization / diagnostic
data logging software

IMPORT RECORDSThe software allows you to easily import your photographs and x-rays.You will be able to work with the photographs in detail, thanks to the rotation and scaling tools.+FACIAL ANALYSISNemoCeph allows you ...

dental implantology software / treatment plan evaluation / treatment planning / analysis
dental implantology software


planning software / data management / diagnostic / treatment
planning software

WAVE GOODBYE TO PLASTER With NemoCast 3D all models will be digitally stored, with all the benefits that involves. The program enables you to view the models in a convenient way for the orthodontist and patient: side, frontal, occlusal ...

preoperative planning software / diagnostic / for dental prosthesis design / treatment
preoperative planning software

Volume Orientation The volume orientation is achieved automatically by entering key measurements of the clinical exploration: average maxillar line, canine border, yaw and real vertical profile. The mandibular rim is used as clinical ...

cardiac Holter monitor software / validation / recording / evaluation
cardiac Holter monitor software

The summary of the 24-hour recording is available immediately after the recorder data have been downloaded and the analysis of the saved ECG has been made. All pathological events with indication of appearance and maximum frequency are ...

evaluation software / recording / analysis / for blood pressure monitors
evaluation software

Summary of ABPM recording In addition to the graphic display of the blood pressure curve, all measured values (systole, diastole, mean arterial pressure, pulse pressure amplitude etc.) are presented numerically.

evaluation software / recording / analysis / for blood pressure monitors
evaluation software

Summary of ABPM recording In addition to the graphic display of the blood pressure curve, all measured values (systole, diastole, mean arterial pressure, pulse pressure amplitude etc.) are presented numerically. Tabular display The tabular ...

measurement software / evaluation / management / spirometry
measurement software

Posture The optimum patient posture is a prerequisite for obtaining usable measurement results. custo spiro mobil or custo spiro air determine the patient’s posture by means of an inclination sensor in real-time and present it graphically. ...

validation software / printing / evaluation / analysis
validation software
custo night 310 screen

For validating the automatic detection of apnoea and hypopnea phases, the physician can switch over to the editing mode with a mouse click. As an example, the chart shows the 5-minute section of a screening with a sequence of apnoea and ...

evaluation software / diagnostic / for bone densitometry / for radiology services
evaluation software

EchoStudio is a biomedical software that, used in combination with EchoS, allows the evaluation of bone mineral density (BMD) by means of an easy echographic test. In EchoStudio, it is possible to assess ...

chromatography software / evaluation / measurement / acquisition
chromatography software

... commercially available chromatograph: Multi-instrument version with multi-detector measurement capabilities, data acquisition, evaluation and instrument control. Available also in French, German, Russian, Spanish and Chinese.

lab automation software / analysis / control / evaluation
lab automation software

... that you need for model evaluations (e.g. scale up) and for energy and safety considerations. The programm handles thermal-flow- and also thermal-balance-calorimetry.KalDas is based on the flexible control and data analysis ...

document management software / reporting / evaluation / laboratory
document management software

... , fermentation laboratory) must run GLP-conform (Good Laboratory Practice) or a validated mode of operation is required.Evaluation and documentation of the experimental data are supported or completely automated. To ...

data management software / control / evaluation / laboratory
data management software

Decisive for the development of HiBuilder was the demand by many users for a program that combines the easy handling of the table-oriented programs with the practically unlimited possibilities of a high level language compiler and in ...

analysis software / control / scan / evaluation
analysis software

Software for automatic checks of isocenter geometry and laser alignmentEvaluates starshots with film or 2D-ARRAY seven29For use with ISOCHECK Isocenter Test DeviceScanning software with TWAIN interface ...

analysis software / data management / viewer / evaluation
analysis software

epidSoft SoftwareConvenient analysis software for an automatic evaluation of images acquired with the PTW EPID QC Phantom and documentation of long-term imaging performance Key FeaturesFully automated ...

management software / analysis / measurement / evaluation
management software

... | Device-independent The software platform iLAB-Bio is tailored to the applications of bioprocess technology. A modular architecture offers plug-ins, which address the requirements of the users for the collection, evaluation ...

management software / evaluation / tracking / universal
management software

... high-performance software framework for medical software systems which offers you support from the start to intelligent predictive maintenance solutions in real use. Flexible and modular software ...

evaluation software / acquisition / analysis / for scanning electron microscopes
evaluation software
WITec Suite

... 25x25x20µm3; 200x200x50 pixels; 2 million spectra). WITec Suite is a powerful software for data acquisition, evaluation, and processing of even large data volumes and 3D scans. The software ...

analysis software / measurement / evaluation / spirometry
analysis software

The GANSHORN software LF8 makes measurements for the user as simple as possible. Large format displays on the screen allow for quick and correct evaluation of the measurement and the breathing manoeuvres ...

chromatography software / data management / reporting / control
chromatography software
UNICORN start 1.0

... storage with easy access to data, data security, and data integrity. UNICORN start software includes four different modules: System Control, Method Editor, Evaluation, and Administration, allowing you ...

chromatography software / monitoring / evaluation
chromatography software
PrimeView 5.0

PrimeView 5.0 (Software and Paper Manuals) Monitor a chromatographic run in real-time. Easy-to-use chromatography data evaluation. ÄKTAprime plus is connected to a PC via RS232 or a USB adapter. PrimeView ...

planning software / treatment plan evaluation / for radiosurgery / for radiation therapy
planning software

... modulated arc (VMAT) plan that matches the dose volume histogram and dose distribution characteristics of the reference plan. The software automatically detects the organ type, sets the constraints based on the DVH of ...

treatment plan evaluation software / control / for dental imaging
treatment plan evaluation software

Optimum workflow with a clear structure Sidexis 4 is the software for clear diagnoses. It efficiently structures your workflow in its modern and intuitive design and serves as a basis for further planning and diagnosis. This ...

evaluation software / for dental imaging
evaluation software

Track real motion in motion Sicat Function is the first integrated digital 3D solution to visualize real patient-individual movement of the lower jaw within the 3D volume. The anatomic traces of the temporomandibular joint can be displayed ...

analysis software / evaluation / verification / for NMR spectrometry
analysis software

Unsurpassed Integration of Spectroscopy and Metabolomics Bruker’s AMIX program provides a collection of powerful tools that enable you to get the most out of your data. AMIX provides many integrated routines for statistical and spectroscopic ...

post-processing software / 3D viewing / diagnostic / for archiving
post-processing software

... post-processing, plus certified plug-ins is beneficial in your area: aycan workstation Version 3.6 New features and improvements Evaluation of dynamic MRI/CT

visualization software / control / planning / evaluation
visualization software

Key Benefits3D Evaluation of a 3D ProblemVirtual Implantation: Trial Without ErrorSurgeon ControlledPatient-Specific Guided AccuracyVisualized Bone Preservation

3D viewing software / treatment plan evaluation / PTCA / for surgery units
3D viewing software
3mensio CTA

Coronary CTACoronary CTA can help to assess the coronary arteries for suspect coronary artery disease in radiology and cardiology. Segment and visualize the coronary artery tree by automatic segmentation and quantify the lesion by measuring ...

analysis software / contour detection / evaluation / reporting
analysis software

The QVA (Quantitative Vascular Analysis) workflow offers fast and intuitive peripheral vessel analysis, including the abdominal aorta and the carotid, renal, iliac and femoral arteries. The QVA workflow features single vessel analysis ...

analysis software / evaluation / calibration / spectrometry
analysis software
AvaLIBS-Specline series

Specline Analytical Software To easily identify and analyze atoms, ions and molecules, Specline© analytical software offers an extensive database. It enables analysis of spectral data, imported directly ...

analysis software / 3D viewing / diagnostic / evaluation
analysis software
Xelis™ Cardiac

Xelis Cardiac allows for both easy and powerful 2D and 3D display and analyzing tools for radiologists to use during the evaluation of Coronary CT Angiography by increasing productivity and improving utilization of Multi-slice ...

analysis software / evaluation / laboratory
analysis software

The HAVER CSA 5.4 software enables PC-aided analysis of standard sieve systems. Three versions of this software are available which differ in the scale of functions. The results of measurements are documented ...

analysis software / evaluation / for particle size analyzers
analysis software

The HAVER CPA Software deployed in all HAVER CPA Systems is easy to use and runs under all popular Windows operating systems. It offers a wide range of analysis functions as well as evaluating the measuring results and ...