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Regulating the temperature in an incubator plays a major role in protecting the samples. Labnet International has released a new product, AccuTherm™ Microtube Shaking...


Temp. Controier Digital RI D controller
Speed Range 10-350 PPM
Programmable 4 Speed Step /10 temp. Program
Display Back nt LCD
Dfivo syslom Bolttoss...

Weight 81 Kg 66Kg
Power 220V, 4.6A . 60Hz 220V. 1.8A. 60Hi
Temp. Controller Digital RI.D. controller


KW Apparecchi Scientifi ci has developed a new line of platelet incubators/ agitators that off ers solutions with many capacities in free-standing and bench-top...


MIR-S100 is a compact and high-speed orbital shaker. It transmits low vibration and low noise. It has a compact design with an intelligent...

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