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manual wheelchair / passive - max. 135 kg | XS2

Drive’s new and improved XS Wheelchair uses a similar frame to the XSAWC Wheelchair but adds many new features. The chair is...

manual wheelchair / passive - max. 135 kg | Super Deluxe 2

The new SD2 wheelchair has been upgraded in terms of features and design for replacing the older Super Deluxe Chair. Some of the most important and attractive features of the...

passive wheelchair / manual - max. 115 kg | LAWC007 / 8

This wheel chair is made in aluminum making it very light. This wheelchair has all basic features of LAW range with additional quality of ergonomic design. Its frame is made in silver aluminum, and has...

manual wheelchair / passive - max. 115 kg | LAWC001 / 2

At just over 8kg with wheels removed, the entry level lightweight aluminium wheelchairs are both light in weight and on your pocket.

These wheelchairs have an array of features to make it one of the most practical, comfortable and reliable occasional use wheelchairs available. These include: -


manual wheelchair / passive / folding - max. 115 kg | Enigma XS Ali SP

The Enigma XS aluminium wheelchair offers an array of added features with a value-for-money price tag which will be hard to beat.

Lightweight aluminium frame in metallic blue or red.


passive wheelchair / manual / with legrest / headrest - Rea Azalea

The Rea Azalea Max is a well-built, custom-made solution for heavier individuals...

passive wheelchair / manual / with legrest / headrest - Rea Clematis

Invacare® understands that each person has a unique need and different preferences when it comes to wheelchairs. We know that people...

passive wheelchair / manual / with legrest / headrest - Rea Bellis

Rea Bellis

Rea Bellis has an instant good mobility and in the same time offering tilt and...

passive wheelchair / manual - Action1 NG

The Invacare Action1 NG is a simple, yet efficient addition to the ActionNG family. With features such as a durable steel frame, half folding back, and cross...

passive wheelchair / manual / bariatric - Topaz

The Invacare® Topaz wheelchair is designed keeping in view the unique needs of bariatric patients. The product at the foremost ensures strength and comfort. Strength...

passive wheelchair / manual / with legrest - Start M0

The Start M0 is the consistent further development in the standard lightweight segment. It offers all the characteristics expected of a modern wheelchair. It is available in different seat widths...

passive wheelchair / manual / with legrest - Start M2 Effect

The Start M2 Effect distinguishes itself through its broad range of options and adjustment possibilities. Just like the M1 Intro, the frame is constructed of profiled aluminium and designed so that all main components can easily be removed and replaced...

manual wheelchair / passive / with legrest - Start M3 Hemi

The Start M3 Hemi was designed for stroke patients with hemiplegia. The lightweight wheelchair based on the Start M2 Effect offers additional options especially...

passive wheelchair / manual / folding / bariatric - Start M4 XXL

The Start M4 XXL was developed especially for large, strong people. It has a seat width of 58cm and a seat depth up to 49cm. The wheelchair's high level of stability allows a maximum user weight of 160kg. The frame has...

passive wheelchair / manual / pediatric - Kimba Neo

A rehab buggy should satisfy the needs of the child and match the circumstances of the family, provide optimal assistance for therapy and still appear like a regular buggy. The new Kimba Neo does all of that!

It covers a large range of the fitting spectrum.

Thanks to numerous adjustment possibilities for the multifunction seat, the Kimba Neo can...

manual wheelchair / passive / folding / with legrest - Rebel RTLREB18DDA-SF

Quick release rear wheels allow for easy storage or transport.
Fold-down back and folding frame allows transport in almost...

manual wheelchair / passive / with legrest - Blue Streak

Blue Powder coated frame, black cross brace.
Flip back, padded desk length arm.
Nylon upholstery...

passive wheelchair / manual / with legrest - Silver Sport 2

Powder coated silver vein steel frame.
Embossed vinyl upholstery is durable, lightweight, attractive and easy to clean.
Urethane tires...

passive wheelchair / manual / with legrest - Cruiser III

Built-in seat rail extensions and extendable upholstery easily adjust seat depth from 16” to 18” (patent pending)
Weighs under 36 lbs. (excluding front riggings).
Carbon steel frame with silver vein finish.

manual wheelchair / passive / with legrest - Viper Plus GT

Built-in seat rail extensions and extendable upholstery easily adjusts seat depth from 16" to 18". (Patent pending)
Dual Axle allows for multiple seat to floor height positions.
Adjustable height, flip back, removable, padded arms.
Weighs under 32 lbs. (Excluding front rigging).
Over center cross brace eliminates...

passive wheelchair / manual / folding - 1100

Complete aluminum construction,...

passive wheelchair / manual / folding / with legrest - AH008

Detachable arm rest Swing away footrest Aluminum frame...

manual wheelchair / passive / folding - H032C

Complete aluminum construction,...

passive wheelchair / manual / folding - CH032C

Complete aluminum construction, fixed armrest...

passive wheelchair / manual / folding - H033

Complete aluminum structure...

passive wheelchair / manual / folding - H-115

This wheel chair is a quick and easy to fold model. It offers...

manual wheelchair / passive - H-515

Exuding comfort, style and exquisite detailing, this wheelchair provides maximum protection to the user. Characterized by great strength and style, this wheelchair is used...

passive wheelchair / manual / non-magnetic - DR 100 MRT

100% Metal free wheel chair safest chair to be used in MRI or environments...

manual wheelchair / passive / non-magnetic - APC 100 MRT

This is a very uniquely designed wheelchair....

passive wheelchair / manual - SR.40.250G

The structure is made of chrome or epoxy covered stainless steel. It...

passive wheelchair / manual - SR.40.250G

Unique dynamic seating system DynaForm®

manual wheelchair / passive / folding / human - Flexx

Suitable for Thoracic and Cervical Spinal Cord Injured; those who need convenient lateral...

manual wheelchair / passive / folding - S-Ergo 105

The S-Ergo 105 is equipped with the worlds first innovative S-Ergo System,...

manual wheelchair / passive / folding - S-Ergo 106

The S-Ergo 106 is equipped with a backrest-armrest coupling structural...

manual wheelchair / passive / folding - S-Ergo 115

S-Ergo 115 comes with 24 self propelling wheels...

passive wheelchair / manual / folding - S-Ergo 125

Getting on and off the wheelchair can be a major...

manual wheelchair / passive / with legrest - 150 kg | Service 3.600

Fields of Application

Can be used for different people without individual adjustments

passive wheelchair / manual / folding - Eurochair Vario 1.850

Fields of Application

Full equipment chair for long term provision in permanent everyday use
Well suited for provision of many disabilities with a high variety of adjustments
Mostly application at home, e.g....

passive wheelchair / manual / folding - 160 kg | Eurochair Vario XXL 1.760

Fields of Application

Especially suited for heavy duty useh
Long-term provision with high adjustment demands for independent mobility
Mostly implemented at home, but also in...

passive wheelchair / manual / folding - MW6-01


Steel material finished by chrome-plating

passive wheelchair / manual / folding - MW6-02

Steel material finished by chrome-plating

passive wheelchair / manual / with legrest - IXEL

Reengineered for more options than ever!

The IXEL manual wheelchair has successfully passed the two-drum fatigue test (minimum of 200,000...

manual wheelchair / passive / reclining - NEOX5

he NEOX5 incorporates advanced geometric design and revamped technology, resulting in an ultralight chair that combines strength, versatility, and maneuverability.

A practically limitless range of...

manual wheelchair / passive / reclining - X-Act

The X-Act positioning base allows you to install posture aids while maintaining optimal levels of comfort and flexibility. 
Its frame is made of 90% aluminum for light...

manual wheelchair / passive / reclining / pediatric - TWIGY

At last, a wheel base with adjustable width and depth that can accommodate installation of a custom technical aid. The solution is herea base to build on!

The bases frame is 90% aluminum, making...

passive wheelchair / manual / folding - M210(M2) / M230(M2C)


Fixed padded armrests.
Detachable swing away footrests
Vinyl seat and back upholsteries

passive wheelchair / manual / folding - M419 / M439


Stylish compact, slim design
Detachable full armrests

passive wheelchair / manual / folding - M420 / M434


Economy model with compact design excellent for narrow spaces
Detachable full armrests

manual wheelchair / passive / folding / bariatric - M470 / M480


Oversized footplates with calf strap
Detachable desk armrests,...

manual wheelchair / passive / folding / bariatric - M472


Chrome handrims standard
Detachable desk armrests, optional full armrests

passive wheelchair / manual - Exigo 30

The Exigo 30 complies is a vigorous and well equipped all rounder wheelchair. This device comes to meet the...

passive wheelchair / manual - Exigo 20

The Exigo 20 crossframe wheelchair comes fully equipped. It features...

passive wheelchair / manual - Emineo

The comfortable and lightweight Emineo wheelchair is completely compliant with all modern...

passive wheelchair / manual / all-terrain - Ibis

The product is designed with a modern look without compromising the comfort of the patient. The Ibis wheelchair has multiple functions and is comfortable to use. It contains an award winning latest Sedeo seating system...

passive wheelchair / manual / reclining / bariatric - Cirrus 4

Cirrus4 is the largest selling wheelchair brand which comes up with unique features and flexibility....

passive wheelchair / manual / folding / pediatric - Therapedic ™ IPS

The lightweight folding frame was designed specifically for use with the Columbia Medical Therapedic Integrated Positioning System (IPS)...

manual wheelchair / passive / folding / pediatric - Therapedic™ IPS Umbrella

The lightweight folding frame was designed specifically for use with the Columbia Medical Therapedic Integrated...

passive wheelchair / manual / folding - BES-1003

This is a wheelchair that make be used with self-propulsion in mind. This uses 24-inch wheels that...

manual wheelchair / passive - BES-1004

This wheelchair has a Blue Powder coated frame, black cross brace, Flip back, padded desk length arm,...

manual wheelchair / passive - BES-1005

This powder steel tube chair has an electroplated H-wheel and nylon armrest....

manual wheelchair / passive - BES-1006

The wheel Chair is made of powder coated silver vein steel frame and elegant, durable, lightweight, easily cleanable nylon upholstery....

manual wheelchair / passive - BES-1007

The powder coated silver steel frame is paired with a vinyl cushioned body and urethane tires. The 8-inch casters...

manual wheelchair / passive - H1A

The model can be folded for easy storage and transport....

manual wheelchair / passive - H2

The H2 Manual Wheelchair has fixed arms and swing away detachable footrests...

passive wheelchair / manual - H4

This wheelchair features detachable armrests., stainless steel skirt cards, and footrests that...

passive wheelchair / manual - H5

This sturdy wheelchair comes with stainless steel skirt guards,...

passive wheelchair / manual - H12

This wheelchair is self-propelled and designed with armrest which can either be flipped up or...

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