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Electronic pipette / multichannel

The electronic Sartorius Biohit eLINE is a device with tested accuracy...

Electronic pipette / multichannel

The product is specially designed with concept of DC-motor to ensure effectiveness...

Electronic pipette / multichannel

With the eLINE® electronic pipette, you can expect...

Mechanical pipette / variable volume / autoclavable

The mLINE® is an advanced mechanical pipette from Sartorius...

Electronic pipette / multichannel

Thermo Scientific* Matrix Equalizer Electronic Multichannel Pipetter has...

Electronic pipette / multichannel

VIAFLO 96 and VIAFLO 384 increase productivity of sample preparation in microplates. VIAFLO 96 is an affordable...

Pasteur pipette / sterile

Pasteur pipettes sterile...

Serological pipette / sterile

Serological pipettes Serological pipettes are temperature calibrated devices...

Pasteur pipette / sterile

Sarstedt has released a range of easy to use...

Mechanical pipette / variable volume

One of the biggest sources of errors...

Electronic pipette / piston

These Excel electronic pipettes from Labnet...

How to choose this product


A pipette is an instrument for taking a sample of a liquid.


These devices are widely used in medicine, including in laboratories performing biological analyses, cytological studies and many other settings.


Pipettes differ in their capacity and precision. While graduated models are the most common, Pasteur pipettes are usually favored for very small quantities. Mechanical or electronic types are often used to obtain a very precise quantity. Some have a fixed volume. Others allow the amount to be selected before use.

How to choose

Choice will naturally depend primarily on accuracy. Other factors include ease and speed of use.

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