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wall-mounted storage support - 810.40, 810.43

Mural holder available in 4 heights and 2 spacing between hooks.
Wall fixing kit with pegs and stainless steel screws...

arthroscopic support - 61325

The leg holder system for...

wall-mounted storage support - Metro's Smart Plus™

Metro's Smart Wall Plus is an advanced wall mount system consisting of interchangeable components...

wall-mounted storage support - Regular Erecta

This shelf is the ideal way for storing of items either above work surfaces or overhead. Shelves of all sizes and Super Erecta types are accommodated by the brackets. Adjacent shelves are mounted through double supports and single supports at the ends. Openings...

wall-mounted storage support - General

For storage of items above or overhead of work...

wall-mounted storage support - SmartWall G3

•Corrosion resistant MetroSeal 3 warranted against rust and corrosion for...

arthroscopic support - 6200

Ansabere's Arthroscopic Ankle Support – Mod. 6200 provides foot...

arthroscopic support - 6350

The Arthroscopic Supports Mods. 6350 and 6300 provides knee support during an arthroscopic...

arthroscopic support - 6300

For leg support during knee arthroscopic surgery.

A key point is that the two clamps can...

arthroscopic support - 90357

90357 Leg Holder for Arthroscopy is with 2 displaceable thigh supports.



arm board support - AQUAGEL™

These Flat Armboard Pads are available in two sizes to readily accommodate many...

operating table support / knee - BF717

The Arthroscopy Knee Holder is utilized for 'off the end' of the table arthroscopy...

hip support / operating table - BF00066, BF00048

The Carbon Fiber Hip Rest with Pad is designed for lower extremity orthopedic...

hip support / operating table - BF00066, BF00048

An innovative motor-driven knee holding device specially to meet the requirements of modern, “dynamic” knee surgery.

Maquet has developed an innovative...

hip support / operating table - BF00066, BF00048

The seat bases from TRUMPF ensure appropriate positioning for the pelvis of the patient. While performing operation, the top priority of the surgeon is to position the patient properly. The relocation of...

cell culture chamber rack - P3D

The P3D chambers have been designed to hold porous cylindrical scaffolds subjected to perfusion culture conditions. They have been...

cell culture chamber rack - P3D

3 Sizes Available:
SMALL - 9" x 12" x 3/8" Thick
MEDIUM - 10"...

cell culture chamber rack - P3D

Arthroscopic Legholder System


wall-mounted storage support - 22214818

Delivered with spacers that keep the supports at a distance from...

wall-mounted storage support - 22214018

Delivered with spacers that keep the supports at...

wall-mounted storage support - 22582018

To hang medical files or sterilization...

wall-mounted storage support - 22582318

Allows TSSU baskets to be hooked at...

wall-mounted storage support - 22582418

four 4 L tanks with...

arm board support - 05.00.AP701

VAC-PAC cover

Designed to cover...

arm board support - AirSoft®

Contoured for safety. Used for extremities. Universal size.

wall-mounted storage support - PARWALL18-W

The device comes with full-length flat-face label holders and comprises with...

wall-mounted storage support - PARWALL18-W

The wall storage system is perfect for areas where there are space limitations freeing up floor space. Turn unused wall space into usable space...

arm board support - 940511535

These arm pads are used for stabilizing...

arm board support - 94030201

Measuring 30 x 20 x 1cm – 50 x 20 x 1c, this...

2-cylinder support / oxygen cylinder - 2 L | 410-0168

Carrying rack for holding a 2 l bottle
- Suitable...

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