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Racks for Slipper Pans and urinals made entirely of stainless steel grade 0H18N9
supporting rail with hooks adapted for mounting dryers


Novair Médical offers the supply of...


Stainless steel goods rack
Model: BT158



• dimensions: 59 x 123,5 cm
• complete stainless...

• dimensions: 88 x 98,5 cm
• complete stainless...

• dimensions: 120 x 123,5 cm
• complete stainless...


The P3D chambers have been designed to hold porous cylindrical scaffolds subjected to perfusion culture conditions. They have been...


Jindal tissue culture rack is widely used for tissue culture in plants & other tissue culture work in a culture lab.


The tissue culture...


The tube refill system provides you with a solution to refill your storage racks with 96 storage tubes...


Boxes in polycarbonate for CryoGen ® Tubes storage. Different models are available to accommodate either 25, 81 or 100 CryoGen ® tubes. These durable cryogenic storage boxes are designed to be used at temperatures between -196°C and +121°C and are autoclavable at 120°C, for...


BMM Sterilizer load cooling racks

BMM Sterilizer load cooling racks is used to the increased heat loads and increase the cooling efficiency. The load cooling racks are basically designed as open-air replicas of the...



Can hold 8 trays or 4 tubs with covers


Can hold 6 trays or 3 tubs with covers

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