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laboratory microcentrifuge / refrigerated - 15000 rpm | ROTANTA 460 RC

Armed with a comprehensive range of accessories, the ROTANTA 460 RC centrifuge plays a very important role in producing quick results in research and analytic laboratories,...

laboratory microcentrifuge / refrigerated - 15000 rpm | ROTANTA 460 RF

The ROTANTA 460 RF enables efficient and rapid centrifugation runs in research and analytical laboratories. The centrifuge helps to reduce centrifugation times substantially and can be relied on to handle a high throughput of samples.

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laboratory microcentrifuge / multipurpose / compact / refrigerated - max. 17500 rpm | 5430 R

Unique cross-over Centrifuges 5430 and 5430 R combine the best features of a microcentrifuge (small footprint) and multipurpose centrifuge (versatility) in one instrument. These centrifuges spin rotors for Eppendorf tubes and PCR strips as you would...

laboratory microcentrifuge / refrigerated - 14000 rpm | Microfuge® 22R

Microfuge 22R: Simple, Fast, and Efficient

The Microfuge 22R is a centrifugal device designed to produce high g-forces to create fast and optimal pelleting. The microfuge 22R which is fitted with interchangeable...

laboratory microcentrifuge / refrigerated - 15 000 rpm | D3024R


☆ Conforms to international safety standards and regulations
- DRAGONLAB is the first Centrifuge manufacturer in China that cooperates with TUV Rheinland Company and its Centrifuges have passed CB scheme by TUV Rheinland China and marked with CE, cTUVus and FCC.
All test items are positive which according to IEC/EN 61010-1 and MCA test according to IEC/EN61010-2-20,...

laboratory microcentrifuge / refrigerated - 18000 rpm | MicroCen® MR

1800rpm MicroCen MR is especially for microliter tubes. microprocessor controlled. It has LCD display for both current and preset values of speed/g force, time and temperature. temperature only at refrigerated model MicroCen...

laboratory microcentrifuge / refrigerated - max. 15000 rpm | Sigma 1-14K

Like its partner Sigma 1-14, the refrigerated version is compact and has impressive performance figures....

laboratory microcentrifuge / refrigerated - max. 15000 rpm | Sigma 1-16K

Like the Sigma 1-16, the Sigma 1-16K refrigerated centrifuge is extremely easy to use with its motorized...

laboratory microcentrifuge / high-capacity / refrigerated - 15 000 rpm | Z216 MK

The Z216 MK High Capacity Refrigerated Microcentrifuge sets a new standard in the refrigerated microcentrifuge category. In spite of its remarkably small footprint, the Z216 MK has a powerful brushless motor and cooling capacity to spare....

laboratory microcentrifuge / refrigerated - Labnet Prism™ R

The Prism R Refrigerated Microcentrifuge has been newly designed by Labnet. It has a remarkably small footprint while offering a powerful brushless motor and cooling capacity to spare. The...

laboratory microcentrifuge / refrigerated - VS-15000CFNII

ㆍModel : VS-15000CFNII
ㆍMicroprocessor Control
ㆍNoiseless brushless D.C...

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