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analysis software / reporting / radiation dose monitoring / control
analysis software
myQA Cockpit

Key BenefitsKeep an instant overview with simple and clear reporting on one screenTrack your data using trend analysis and statisticsQuick access to your Patient & Machine QA parameters and detailed test resultsBrowser ...

scheduling software / analysis / reporting / medical imaging
scheduling software
myQA - Image QA

... to manage your tasks, resources, & time Generic tests & customizable protocols Comprehensive analysis, archiving, & reporting tools

radiation dose monitoring software / management / reporting / for radiation therapy
radiation dose monitoring software

... one software platform and one Central Database (SQL)Accessible throughout your department and even satellitesHave full control of your QA data from one interfaceData safety and compliance with administration rights, central ...

verification software / radiation dose monitoring / reporting / analysis
verification software
MyQA Patients®

Your unique solution for gamma verification of dose distributions.Key Benefits Your Patient QA on a global QA platform Network-wide accessible data: connecting staff and locations Data is safely stored in one central database ...

image analysis software / reporting / medical imaging
image analysis software
IQ Analyzer Primus

Software for automatic image analysis and quality checks in digital imaging.

reporting software / analysis / for cardiology
reporting software

... specialties into one single platform, SUITESTENSA allows for achieving a better workflow from patient admission to exam execution, reporting and distribution. SUITESTENSA cardiology folder contains all exams performed ...

management software / reporting / health telemonitoring / clinical
management software
LifeStream 5.2

Our LifeStream Clinical Software empowers patients to truly engage in their health, leading to better recovery from acute care events, improved management of chronic diseases, and enhanced wellness and self care. On the ...

analysis software / management / reporting / sharing
analysis software
LifeStream Analytics

... work for your organization.Improve OutcomesMeasure the success of your telehealth/ telecare program by evaluating outcomes reporting – customized based on the needs of your organization.Explore patient profiles across ...

visualization software / reporting / diagnostic / for archiving
visualization software
Dopplex DR4

DR4 Software Package DR4 is a unique vascular reporting software package for use in conjunction with the Dopplex Ability, MD2 and MD200 Doppler units. It enables automated ABIs and Doppler ...

analysis software / management / reporting / interpretation
analysis software

... wiithin the hospital IS or PACS, digital signature, specific patient demographic access formats, statistical analysis and reporting, advanced interpretation algorithm and technics

measurement software / recording / monitoring / reporting
measurement software

ECG overview In the ECG overview the ECG is displayed in a 12-channel system over the complete recording period. This view allows the setting of amplitude, speed and channel selection individually, so that all details of each lead can ...

interpretation software / recording / reporting / diagnostic
interpretation software

Resting ECG System - Software Easy access to the main functions Directly select the examination order in the custo diagnostic worklist ... or use the convenient name search. High-resolution ECG display for quality check. ...

data management software / reporting / clinical / audiometry
data management software

Helix: the software HEDERA HELIX is the innovative modular software platform developed to manage clinical data and testing, as well as diagnostic reports in a simple, safe and efficient way, thanks ...

printing software / DICOM viewing / measurement / for archiving
printing software
MedDream VET

... archiving, transmitting and connects all the medical data into one unified and fast performing network. This is a powerful software for searching, viewing and processing DICOM images, signals and video files on various ...

analysis software / reporting / for ECG
analysis software

Holter ECG Analysis Software(model: iTengo+) Main Features: (1).Multi-channel Analysis with 99.9% accuracy (2).High accurate PR Intervals (μV) measurement (3).ECG Waterfall technology, easily expose any micro pathological ...

reporting software / analysis / for ECG / hospital
reporting software

iTengo+ Holter ECG Analysis Software System Powerful, Accurate & Flexible to meet the highest demands on ECG analysis! Data Storage 99.9% accuracy analyzing Reporting and remote Sharing!

patient report management software / reporting / for archiving / digital dictation
patient report management software
VisionHM RPM Report

analysis software / reporting / for cardiac Holter monitors
analysis software

... CHANNELS 3 or 12 OPTIONS - 3- or 12-channel recorders. - 24/48-hours recording or up to 7 days (3-channel) - Enhanced software modules: - HRT Heart-Rate Turbolence - TWA T-Wave Alternans - DCA Heart-Rate ...

patient data management software / reporting / audiometry
patient data management software

Daisy is software which is designed in order to maintain and manage all data, specifically examination data acquired by every Inventis and Invisia device. Daisy is able to supervise several kinds of data of ENT and Audiology ...

telemedicine software / analysis / management / reporting
telemedicine software

... overwhelming . What if you could align all your resources to be ready for the next step in a patient’s examination process? ExamFlow software allows you to visually manage and track patients so you can synchronize your ...

data management software / alert management / reporting / quality control
data management software

SIRIUS STORAGE software SIRIUS Storage is monitoring software specifically for the supervision of a fixed installation. Compared with SIRIUS Lite, SIRIUS Storage monitoring software ...

chromatography software / data management / reporting / quality control
chromatography software

CompassCDSCompassCDS is an industry-proven, powerful and operator friendly networked chromatography data system software solution developed throughout the last 20 years according to requirements of our customer base. ...

alert management software / reporting
alert management software

microbiology software / patient data management / diagnostic / reporting
microbiology software

A software solution fully dedicated to the discipline, which offers customizable analytical protocols and workflows for a real paperless microbiology system. - Increase productivity with real paperless microbiology: ...

reporting software / document management / evaluation / laboratory
reporting software

Electronic Laboratory NotebookAn electronic laboratory notebook is particularly a „must-have“, if the laboratory process (synthesis laboratory, fermentation laboratory) must run GLP-conform (Good Laboratory Practice) or a validated ...

control software / analysis / reporting / for the pharmaceutical industry
control software

With the Controlant web interface users can view data graphically, download date and control their preferred warning settings. Easy access to data is ensured with our online web interface. The web interface allows users to view, access ...

data management software / reporting / for the pharmaceutical industry
data management software

Secure collection, logging and reporting of critical operating data can be enabled. A software program is provided to permit assignment of a password to each employee. When the employee logs in an ID ...