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analysis software / management / reporting / sharing
analysis software
LifeStream Analytics

LifeStream Analytics makes it easier to deliver return on investment (ROI) information on your telehealth program.With LifeStream Analytics, you’ll be able to make accurate and informed decisions with regard to patient care and resource ...

dental imaging software / traceability / sharing / management
dental imaging software

... be linked to most Practice Management Software and can be installed on the sharing devices on the clinic's computers as well as on a common centralised database. There is no need to use multiple imaging ...

management software / for archiving / acquisition / sharing
management software

... KrüssLab laboratory software for measured value acquisition and evaluation. In addition to a central user administration, it also has the option of user-defined filtering, saving and archiving of measurement results. Our ...

image analysis software / for skin diagnosis / sharing / dermatology
image analysis software
Dermengine Visual Search

How Visual Search Works When you submit a dermoscopic image, Visual Search provides you with similar images from a database of thousands of pathology-labeled images gathered from expert dermatologists around the world. This tool uses ...

image analysis software / for skin diagnosis / sharing / for telemedicine
image analysis software
Dermengine tele-dermatology

Why use it? Tele-dermatology allows you to: Create a new form of revenue Connect with your patients anytime, anywhere Provide affordable care Reduce patient wait times Provide consultations to your colleagues DermEngine’s Tele-dermatology Take ...

image analysis software / DICOM viewing / reporting / diagnostic
image analysis software
MedDream VET WEB DICOM Viewer

... archiving, transmitting and connects all the medical data into one unified and fast performing network. This is a powerful software for searching, viewing and processing DICOM images, signals and video files on various ...

training software / sharing / simulation / dental
training software
Easy Teach, Easy Learn

... application that enables video transmission from the teacher’s desk to all the network’s workstations. A software/hardware platform makes audio/video sharing between workstations possible thus allowing ...

data management software / sharing / capture / surgical
data management software

Cascade Surgical Studio is simple, user-friendly software that helps you capture critical information and strengthen documentation.,, •Switch users during a case without interrupting data acquisition •Share and manage ...

analysis software / data management / sharing / import
analysis software

Speed up research & biomarker discovery Xplore1, 2 helps connect researchers around the globe, driving discovery of new drugs and biomarkers. Create, manage, interrogate, and share individual and collaborative studies with a ...

analysis software / management / for equipment control / monitoring
analysis software
BaseSpace® Sequence Hub

Product Highlights As a key component of the BaseSpace Suite, BaseSpace Sequence Hub is a direct extension of your Illumina instruments. Data flows directly from the instrument into BaseSpace Sequence Hub, which enables you to manage ...

reporting software / sharing / for communication / telediagnostic
reporting software

... especially important when patients’ health and lives are at stake. CGM CWT utilizes technologies which enable, among others, sharing files and diagnostic images or generating detailed reports on the procedure. CGM ...

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analysis software / data management / reporting / sharing
analysis software

This device is a sole product display place for incorporated liberation and responsible care with rising force to perk up care and decrease costs. To do all these at a time the provider face intimidating technical and organizational challenges. ...

preoperative planning software / patient data management / sharing / navigation
preoperative planning software

NODE Platform NETWORK BASED PLANNING Node allows clinicians to decide where, when and how to generate and review patient treatment plans REMOTE ACCESS Node allows location-independent treatment planning and plan review. No longer ...

viewer software / sharing / recording / image capture
viewer software

ZEISS Labscope for Windows Your Imaging Software for Digital Classroom and Laboratory Routine Labscope is your easy-to-use imaging software for connected microscopy. Be it in the laboratory, university, ...

patient data management software / sharing / EMR
patient data management software
NicVue v.3.0

... managing your equipment. It is a SQL-based multi-modality patient information and data management solution. A seamless data sharing system, it gives quick access to patient conditions via an EMR to administer treatment ...

dental software / management / sharing / data exchange
dental software
CS Connect

... lab provider. Electronically submit case data to any lab you choose— with open .STL files, the lab can use the CAD design software of their choice.

management software / sharing / capture / traceability
management software

ORBIS functionalities at the patient’s bedside and beyond. Relevant information for physician on most common tablet devices, right where it’s needed. With this web-based user interface you can capture, share and access patient information ...

image capture software / sharing / visualization / medical imaging
image capture software

Direct View DR & CR Software Direct View DR & CR Software has a Carestream CR and DR systems for quality image capture. Now a single software platform powers them both. Characteristics: - ...

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telecollaboration software / management / sharing / for communication
telecollaboration software

Collaborate Securely with AnyoneCommunicate and collaborate more effectively with colleagues, partners, and customers by using the Cisco WebEx Messenger service and Cisco Jabber clients.Features and CapabilitiesFacilitate Faster Decision ...

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Cisco Systems
sharing software / interoperability / clinical
sharing software
Open & Interoperable

Sharing data is foundational to Cerner’s patient-centric interoperability.We’re focused on strengthening patient experiences and clinical workflows. Our innovative, open platforms strengthen scope and services across ...

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image analysis software / 3D viewing / sharing / for digital microscopes
image analysis software

ImarisBatch is an Imaris subsystem for the processing of 2D, 3D, and 4D image series in batch. This subsystem saves valuable time when running repetitive jobs because processing can be queued and completed without interaction from the ...

image analysis software / management / visualization / sharing
image analysis software

Effectively manage your laboratory’s microscopic and macroscopic imaging. CaloPix is the most effective software solution for managing all microscopic and macroscopic images produced in the pathology, hematology or histology ...

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printing software / sharing / medical imaging / for DICOM files
printing software

... images on plain paper at near film quality. aycan xray-print REDUCE FILM COSTS BY UP TO 90% DICOM paper-print solution for sharing radiological images with referring physicians and patients Hospitals and clinics are ...

document management software / printing / capture / sharing
document management software
HP Capture and Route

Easily and cost-effectively capture, manage, and route paper and electronic information. Organizations of all types are facing an overwhelming amount of paper and electronic information. HP Capture and Route, an HP JetAdvantage Workflow ...

visualization software / acquisition / for archiving / sharing
visualization software

X-FRAME CCD (and X-FRAME CCD@ model) is the state of the art digital radio/fluoro system providing very high resolution and sensitivity, and powerful processing tools. X-FRAME CCD is ideal for sophisticated dynamic studies, and allows ...

appointment management software / sharing / for communication / data exchange
appointment management software
Patient Portal

Healthcare Collaboration of the Future, Today! Facilitate your patients to securely request appointments and refills online, receive test results as they become available, utilize educational material and update their health status, ...

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CureMD Healthcare