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Shower chair / electrical / height-adjustable

Carino™ shower and hygiene chair is manufactured for the purpose of assistance...

Shower chair / on casters / height-adjustable / electrical

Alenti is a technologically advanced lift hygiene chair provides...

Shower chair / on casters / electrical / height-adjustable

Designed for both caregivers and nursing staff,...

Shower chair / on casters / electrical / height-adjustable

The Calypso™ from ArjoHuntleigh Company is a hygiene...

Shower chair / with bucket / on casters

This shower and commode...

Shower chair / with bucket / on casters

The Top model Shower and...

Shower chair / with bucket / on casters

The sturdy SCC 250 PP Shower...

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A shower chair is a waterproof seat that can be used safely in a wet environment.


These chairs permit those with mobility difficulties to shower while seated. The bottom of each leg is covered with a non-slip material for safety. There are both pediatric and bariatric models.


Some shower chairs have casters, enabling a person to be moved easily from the bed to the shower. Certain models also have a cutout seat, with or without a receptacle, for toilet purposes. The height of some can be adjusted, and there are folding versions for easy storage.

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