fetal doppler / peripheral / pocket
PD-100, PD-1000 series Advanced Instrumentations



  • Applications:

    fetal, peripheral

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Superior Sensitiveness And High Fidelity Sound

The Advanced® PD-100 Pro and PD-1000 Pro ultrasound pocket Doppler have exceptional capabilities to detect the fetal heart sound and display the fetal heart rate in a LCD screen with 2 MHz/3 MHz Obstetrical Probes. The 4 MHz, 5 MHz and/or 8 MHz waterproof vascular probes are indicated for the detection of artery and vein blood flow for assisting in the detection of peripheral vascular disease.

The Advanced® PD-100 Pro and PD-1000 Pro are intended for use by health care professional including registered nurses, practical nurses, midwives, ultrasound technicians, obstetricians and physician assistants in hospitals, clinics and private offices.