radiography system / digital / for multipurpose radiography / with Bucky stand
DR 600 AGFA Healthcare



  • System type:

    radiography system

  • Technology:


  • Application:

    for multipurpose radiography

  • Features:

    with Bucky stand, with table, with ceiling-mounted telescopic tube stand


Ultimate speed, precision, comfort imaging
Why choose the DR 600?

With its high-productivity, innovative features and ZeroForce Technology offering high speed, precision and comfort, the fully automated DR 600 streamlines workflow, increases throughput and enhances the experience of patients and operators alike, even in the busiest imaging environment.

Light, easy, automated operation
Accurate and efficient dose management
Modern automation technology maximizes productivity
Easy Acquisition with the MUSICA workstation
Detectors that capture every detail
Maximum load and positioning capabilities
ZeroForce Technology
EasyStitch Technology