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Integrated operating room


Complete integration of all devices and advanced imaging. The perfect solution for your modern OR.
Modern operating rooms, such as the hybrid cath lab requires flexible and compact solutions that facilitate the integration of all medical technology within the operating room environment in order to ensure optimal collaboration between surgeons, anesthesiologists, radiologists and other medical staff.

ALVO INTEGRA is a digital, future-proof operating room solution that offers complete integration of all devices and advanced imaging (modalities, endoscopes, cameras, surgical displays etc.).

Benefits of ALVO INTEGRA:

- Centralized control and increased collaboration in the OR enhances workfl ow effi ciency and improves patient care.
- Precise, artifact-free data and images with no compression and near zero latency.
- One universal fiber optic cable is all you need to distribute audio, video images and patient data over the IP network, reduces the amount of training, cables, devices and set-up times.


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