storage trolley / loading / medical records / with drawer
JDEBL234 Beijing Jingdong Technology



  • Applications:

    storage, loading

  • Use:

    medical records

  • Components:

    with drawer

  • Other characteristics:

    medical, horizontal-access, aluminum, open-structure


Dimension N/A
* Height of this trolley is according to the number of medical records.
1. Material: ABS modular surface with stainless steel 304#plate , portable cart body,
corrosion resistance and easy cleaning. Aluminium alloy pillar, features high strength,
abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.Aluminum composite panel for side board
and back board
2. Table surface is installed with stainless steel three-side fence; imported 304#
stainless steel bar welding, firm and reliable
3. One or two drawer is on the top of cabinet, metal-welded drawer/ Aluminum-modular
drawer, the bottom of cabinet is for medical record storage, installs three-section noise-
free sliding rail, and ABS divider which is convenient for sorted storage of medicine and
device; ABS handle; self-locking.
4. Four noise-free anti-winding caster wheels, of which diameter is Φ100mm.
5. Drawer loading capacity is 50KG, overall loading capacity is 200KG
Standard accessories: CT Files Container,
Optional accessories: ABS Folder, Wirebasket .